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There’s a reason that Thailand is the most popular of the countries in Southeast Asia to visit. Compared to it’s neighbors, this is a country with great infrastructure, plenty of the amenities that matter to foreign visitors (like fast wifi and spa therapies), and a high percentage of English speaking locals who always seem happy to help. In addition, the cell phone networks are great; check out local recommendations in our Southeast Asia Cell Phone Guide.

Thailand is often referred to as the ‘land of smiles,’ and most visitors that I know would agree. The climate is fantastic, the food is out of this world, and your first world dollar goes a lot further here than it does at home. In the past few years it’s become a hot spot for the digital nomad crowd and if you’re looking for a place to hunker down and spend a few weeks to a few months developing your work-life balance, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to do it than Thailand.

Of course the two big logistical questions are always transportation and accommodation. Where will you stay? How will you get there? This post consolidates the best of our resources on those topics, brought to you, first hand, by people who’ve lived and worked in Thailand extensively.

Have something to add? Has something changed and you want to update us? Leave a note in the comments and we’d be grateful.

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I first traveled to Thailand while living in Madagascar. Going from one tropical country to another, I figured that packing for three weeks in Thailand would be just like any other trip I had taken in Madagascar.

I was only sort of right. While my bug spray and rain jacket were essential, I brought absolutely the wrong pair of shoes, and didn’t fully think about how developed, or conservative, Thailand is (let’s just say, I wasn’t prepared for AC on busses).

Now, after having spent quite a bit of time there, my packing list is much more Thailand-friendly. So for your next trip to Thailand, use this easy guide to help you figure out what to pack for Thailand:

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“Having two weeks of vacation a year is a horrible way to live.”

Meet Andrew Pototschnik. A small-town Texan, who has hit 115 countries (and counting!) with his Tortuga backpack.

His goal: To visit all 193 countries, plus Mars.

But, life hasn’t always looked like this for Andrew.

Wind the clock back a few years before Tortuga and life on the road.

After graduating college and slaving away at 60+ hour work weeks in advertising, Andrew realized that life wasn’t for him. So he quit his job and started his own business.

But to his surprise, being his own boss quickly became just another gilded cage. He found he was stuck in his office even more with even less free time to travel.

How did he go from cubicle life to exploring the world?

I asked Andrew some pointed questions about that:

Describe Your Ideal Life & How You Achieved it

For my next business, I did it right. I started with the simple idea of figuring out exactly what I wanted my daily life to look like and made business and relationship decisions that only took me closer to that vision.

I literally sat down with a pen and a pad and wrote out a very detailed story of what my perfect day would look like.

If you don’t know what you want your life to look like, how can you ever achieve it?

The main details were:

  • Wake up without an alarm clock in south of France, with a girlfriend
  • Go to a late brunch
  • While at brunch, she and I would decide to drive into Italy
  • So, I’d have a concierge bring a convertible to the restaurant
  • Without packing at all, the plans are made for us and we buy anything we need when we get there

Having that simple clarity suddenly made all of my life decisions black and white.

Now my story dictates certain that things have to happen in my business and personal life in order for this to come true:

  1. Income
  2. A girlfriend
  3. No alarm clocks

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