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Laura Lopuch is a freelance writer. She is a bookworm, has gypsy blood running through her veins, and has flown on 35+ flights with just a carry-on. When not traveling, she can be found hiking Colorado's mountains with her dogs.

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Showing up at a business meeting or a fancy wedding in clothing that looks like crushed tissue paper is embarrasing. You end up looking like you slept for 30 hours, then fell down a hill, executed a highspeed car chase that James Bond would be jealous of… all in your dress clothes.

And let’s be honest. Even when James Bond does all that, his suit remains pressed and mostly wrinkle-free. No wrinkled clothes while traveling for Mr. Bond, thank you very much.

No matter how you feel about ironing, packing clothes so they emerge at your destination wrinkle-free is tricky.

Especially if you’re on a business trip and wrinkles are frowned upon.

Does rolling clothes prevent wrinkles? How can you keep clothes from wrinkling in a backpack?

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How had he missed those dark storm clouds looming on the horizon?

The ship rocked through enormous waves in the heaviest storm he had seen in years.

Wet ropes bit into his hands. He had lashed himself to the ship’s wheel so he wouldn’t fall into the raging ocean.

Turning the ship’s wheel, desperately seeking a respite from the crazy ocean as it seemed determined to chew up his ship into huge splinters.

Hours ago, he had lost feeling in his feet thanks to frigid seawater slopping on the deck. But he refused to give up.

Meet Captain Hendrick van der Decken of the Flying Dutchman. The year was 1641. They had just rounded the Cape of Good Hope, headed home towards Holland with the ship’s hold packed from a successful Far East trip.

The ship lurched violently. Over thunder and crashing waves, Captain heard a sickening crunch.

He felt the hole ripped in the Flying Dutchman’s side like a giant had bitten into his own stomach. Water rushed into the ship. They were going down. He was going to die.

Captain van der Decken screamed, “I will round this Cape even if I have to keep sailing until Doomsday!”

Flash forward to 1641, in a dark bar steps from the dock, a sailor finished his tale. With a meaningful look around the table, he said, “That ship is still sailing the open seas.”

We Love Myths

Nearly five centuries later, Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer repackaged this myth into the lucrative movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Myths have enormous lasting power. In the 18th century, Americans were warned of staying out too late in Europe’s dark nights for fear these history-rich cities would be too much for their delicate sensibilities unused to such mythical power.

Laugh if you must, but myths still cast an allure over Europe and draw travelers.

The stories provide a romantic backdrop for Europe’s destinations and a sense of time travel. Every year these myths inspire trips and pilgrimages to the very real destinations where their roots are planted.

If you’re headed to Europe this summer, these 7 familiar myths with actual, physical locations might inspire your visit.

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Did you know that one out of every four weddings is a destination wedding? According to Group Travel, that works out to 350,000 destinations every year.

So where are all these blissful folks getting married?

The Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. Those spots are the top three locations for destination weddings outside the continental US. Meaning chances are high that you’re going to be flying to your wedding.

So how on earth do you pack a wedding dress on a plane? Or pack a wedding dress in a carry on suitcase?

The short answer: There are a number of options. I’ll show you how.

The Right Way to Pack a Wedding Dress

First off, please — pretty, pretty, pretty please — don’t pack a wedding dress in your checked luggage.

During my research for this article, I read successful accounts of brides doing just that.

But how far would your heart drop if your airline lost your luggage?

SITA reports that 23.1 million bags were lost in 2015. That’s 6.53 bags mishandled (i.e. lost) per thousand passengers.

You really don’t want your checked bag to be one of those 6.53 unfortunate bags wandering some unknown airport’s subterranean dark depths, whimpering your name, seeking with misty eyes a sunny beach and empty white chairs waiting for a bride. A bride hat might come down the aisle in a wonky looking white bed sheet. I’d argue to never check a bag, because when do you want your bag to be lost? Certainly not right before your wedding.

Please. Don’t put your wedding dress in your checked luggage.
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