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As a serial traveler, I hit the road. A lot. No, my goal isn’t to Eat, Pray, Love my mid-career or star in the next iteration of the Terminal. However, when you travel as much as I do (think one to three multi-day trips monthly), bad gear ends up becoming a bigger pain in the you-know-what than it would for an occasional one-off trip.

If you’re anything like me, you aim to pack smartly, to use high-quality equipment that makes your life easier (you know, like the best travel accessories around), and to look good while doing so. This isn’t your three month jaunt around southeast Asia, where showers are optional and your swimsuit is your daily uniform. This is your life as a business, adventure-seeking, or curious traveler, and you deserve the high quality equipment to match.

Beyond your typical slip-on shoes for security (hint: Toms are our go-to), here’s our round up of the best travel accessories. Period.

Best Travel Accessories for (Actually) Packing

Okay, so this section might seem biased to you, but here’s the thing: Tortuga really does make the best backpacks for urban travel, and the accessories to go in them are the best too. Our bags feature high quality construction, innovative materials, and are designed by real travelers, for their own use. Yes, you can settle for less, but why would you? We all know that investing in good quality gear that lasts, and is a joy to carry and use, is a better choice. We aren’t going to apologize for our greatness, it’s our continual goal


First things first, you need to make sure your portable travel vessel is as lightweight, sturdy, and classy as possible. The Outbreaker travel backpack (available in 35 or 45L, priced from $224) checks all three off the list. With ample pockets for internal organization, padded shoulders theand waist strap to lighten the load, and waterproof sailcloth construction, not to mention the front loading, suitcase style access to the main compartment, this bag is, simply, the best backpack for urban travel.

As if it wanted to secure a lifetime placement on any best travel accessories list, the 45 is also exactly the maximum allowable size for a standard carry on. The 35 will meet the requirements of the pickier budget airlines. Be still my heart.

Runner up: The Osprey Porter backpack, 46L. Click to continue…

You can’t always jetset across the world on your every whim for an epic adventure, but that doesn’t mean your adventurous spirit has to lay dormant like your passport in its safe-spot. With the right eye, you’ll find plenty of adventures just under your nose. While not always grandiose, these activities — dubbed micro-adventures — can still leave you with a slick sense of satisfaction and a good story too.

Take me, for instance. Last week, I scooted around the east coast between New York City and Boston. Since I can’t afford a daily matinee and evening show on Broadway (though trust me, I would if I could!), I had to find other pockets of fun between all of those skyscrapers and bridges; and find them I did.

The best part? This can be done in any city — your hometown, a neighboring one, or one you’re popping by for a few days. Here’s my list of go-to urban micro-adventure ideas, regardless of where you find yourself on the map.

Take Train to the End of the Line

Instead of accidentally ending up at an unfamiliar train stop because you dozed on the ride, go there on purpose. Wandering around a personally-undiscovered part of your city is basically modern exploration, with you (and only you!) at the helm. You might even find a delicious hole-in-the-wall taco shop or an eclectic bookstore on this mini adventure.

Climb to the Highest Point

the view of city hills microadventures

Scour topographical maps to find the apex of your city limits (give or take 10 miles) and then hoof it to the top. Your heavy-breathing will be greeted with some new vistas, hopefully beautiful ones. Click to continue…

You, my friend, are lucky. Why? Not only because you’re clearly planning for a grand adventure in China (one of the world’s most interesting and rapidly developing countries), but also because you’re on the right side of sweat-wicking technology’s prevalence in our everyday lives.


The seasons are drastic across China, and a wise traveler knows to be prepared for any curve ball (or snowfall) mother nature throws their way. It doesn’t take a modern-day Confucius to figure out what to pack for China. Here’s everything you need to know to start the adventure from the moment you begin to pack your bags.

The Regions of China

China is anything but small. Shaped like a rooster, China’s beak to its tail feathers traverse over 13,000 miles of varied terrain and climates. Generally speaking, the north experiences four extreme seasons — cold and dry in the winter, hot and humid in the summer, with a nice reprieve for springtime and autumn. China’s south, with a subtropical climate, experiences mild winters and muggy summers. Inland or western China, such as Tibet and the Xinjiang plateau, experience much lower temperatures year round (due in large part to its dramatic mountain landscape and elevation).

From tropical to alpine, if your plan is to set foot in multiple regions of China, it is important that you pack for a variety of extremely diverse climates. We’d hate for you to show up at the Harbin ice festival with only one pair of flimsy flip flops after your cruise down the Yangtze River.

This packing list has you covered through every season and region of China. Feel free to click through to the section that applies to your trip, specifically.

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