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To celebrate our 100th post, we’re taking a stand for light travel and against checked luggage. Will you join us?

Between bad experiences, a desire for simplicity, and rising airline baggage fees, I started traveling carry-on-only years ago. Creating Tortuga Backpacks was a natural result of Jeremy’s and my travel styles.

Checked luggage is extra weight, extra headache, and extra money. Checked bags can cost $50 or more per roundtrip flight.

This fee doesn’t guarantee you anything. Your luggage is still subject to being damaged, stolen, misrouted, or lost.

Luggage is a burden. A physical and a mental burden. This extra weight is another excuse for why people don’t travel or don’t fully enjoy their travels.

We’re not the only ones who advocate traveling carry-on-only. Check out OneBag, Pack Lite, or 1Bag1World for similar viewpoints. Travel writer Rolf Potts even took this a step further with the No Baggage Challenge, where he carried everything he needed in his pockets.

Traveling light is a lifestyle. We strongly advocate this lifestyle and want to share it with other travelers.

To help spread the word, we’ve created the Carry-On-Only Pledge. The five tenents of the pledge are below.

If you agree with them, please join us in taking the pledge. If you have a website or travel blog, you can show your support by adding the badges at the bottom of this page to your website.

The Carry-On-Only Pledge

  • I pledge to travel with only carry on luggage.
  • I pledge not to check my luggage.
  • I pledge to travel light.
  • I pledge not to give in to the airlines’ restrictive policies and exorbitant fees.
  • I pledge to be a light travel role model to other travelers.

The Carry-On-Only Pledge Badge

Have you taken the pledge? Add a badge to your website or blog to show your support and to be an example for other travelers. Use the embed code below each badge to add it to your website.

If you have problems or questions, contact us.

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Carry On Only Pledge badge

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After you take the pledge, let us know, and we’ll add you to the list below.

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