Get Your Party On: Mardi Gras Alternatives

Shawn Forno

Mardi Gras. Anything with “fat” in the title is almost always a good idea, no matter how, or where, you celebrate.

While Mardi Gras means New Orleans, Bourbon Street, and the French Quarter to most people, Louisiana is just one of many awesome destinations where you can unleash your inner party animal with thousands of drunk strangers.

So, to get you ready for a truly interesting Mardi Gras, here are 3 Alternative Mardi Gras Destinations, along with a packing list and a few tips to make you the life of the party no matter where you celebrate:

Carnevale de Venezia


Venice, Italy

Screw Vegas. Venice was, and is, the world’s first adult playground. And they still throw a one heck of a party. You know that suave as hell Casanova guy? Venice is where he got down. Seriously.

Fueled by obscurity, the Venetian bacchanalia (Medieval for “YOLO”) encompassed all levels of society—from paupers to merchant kings. Home to the works of Michelangelo and Medici, this artificial archipelago of islands linked by canals is an absolute marvel—especially during Carnevale—the 10 days before Ash Wednesday—(what the uncouth call “Mardi Gras”).
Venice Mardi Gras

Informed by centuries of history, powered by sex, alcohol, mystery, and sex, it’s just plain unique; Venice’s Carnevale is a traveler’s dream. The whole city is shaped like a freaking fish for crying out loud.

The Mask

To really get Carnevale, you have to understand the maschera (mask). The icon of Carnevale, the mask is what makes the party happen. For centuries, Venetians have shrouded themselves in mystery and make believe, letting anonymity unleash their inner desires.

Choose from the three main mask options:

Strap on one of the elaborate maschera and let out your inner demons. Literally.

Elegant soirees in private estates co-mingle with public events for a dizzying array of options. Highlights include:

Bring your A+ game because this party is fancy, but if you can pay the price of admission, you’re in for the week of your life. And hurry up, because Venice won’t be here forever.

Pro Tip: Scared of boats? Head to Viareggio in Tuscany for some of the most intense paper mache and parade puppets on the planet.

Mobile Mask

Mobile, Alabama

Mardi Gras

Everyone thinks of New Orleans as the origin of Mardi Gras celebrations in the US, and while it’s certainly the most well-known, the “Mobile Mask” in Mobile, Alabama, is the oldest and longest running Mardi Gras party in the USA.

Started by Frenchman (of course) Nicholas Langlois back in 1703, the Mobile celebration is where a lot of our modern Mardi Gras traditions originated. Impromptu parades comprised of ragged themed “krewes,” tossing gifts and trinkets to crowds from floats or wagons, and secret society parties from the likes of groups called “The Cowbellions”—a lot of what makes Mardi Gras great owes a tip of the cap to Mobile, Alabama.

If you’re anything like me, and like to dig down to the roots of a tradition, the Mobile Mask is the party for you. Do yourself a favor and ask a drunk local about Joe Cain. Get ready for a super weird conversation.

Pro Tip: Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday,” is just the last day of the month-long festival. The party technically starts the day after the Epiphany (Jan 6th), and lasts until Ash Wednesday. The party in Mobile starts January 9th, so even if you can’t make Fat Tuesday, you can still celebrate.


Mardi Gras

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dude. I mean… just… dude! If you want excess, adventure, intrigue, and more just go to Rio in February. I don’t have to tell you that.

Carnival in Rio is the Carnival. Home to the world’s largest Mardi Gras celebration—over 1 million people partied there in 2015—it’s insane. Yes, Brazil is far away, flights are expensive, and Portuguese is hard to learn. That’s kind of what makes this festival so great.

Rio Carnival is the Mecca of parties, and simply should not be missed.

Pro Tip: Sign up to dance in the Samba Parade ($200-$500) and get a firsthand look at the biggest parade in the world. 

Mardi Gras Packing List

Mardi Gras

Apps to Pack


No matter where you celebrate, Mardi Gras is one of the world’s greatest parties. Join the billions that have come before you and blow off steam before you pretend to give up chocolate for Lent. Again.

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Image: Travis Simon (Flickr) and Dave Meier (stocksnap)