Muddy, Dirty, Wet: How to Use a Wet/Dry Bag for Travel

Stacey Ebert

Remember those beach weekends where you tried to squeeze every last minute of available time jumping through crashing waves and flipping in that heavily chlorinated hotel pool? When the fortieth call of, “We’re leaving in five minutes!” finally arrived, you dripped the whole way to the car and then there were only two options. You’d either wind up sitting in that soggy, gross, wet bathing suit for the duration of the journey home or you’d jam soaking wet stuff into a plastic grocery bag or ziplock in hopes of keeping the rest of the luggage damp and mildew-infested.

Travel has changed since we were kids.  Today we all have mini-computers in the palms of our hands, can book accommodation with the click of a button in the middle of the night and can even get our groceries delivered by drone. Regardless of the newfound technologies, most travelers still do their best to take in every last possible minute of each extraordinary adventure and those wet bathing suits still remain something to ‘deal with.’ Can we agree that the plastic bags are a drag and don’t work that well? Now, there’s a better way: Enter the wet/dry bag.

The Wet/Dry Bag

Many weekend and urban travelers pack everything in one bag. Those ‘going out’ outfits snuggle in next to your swimsuit, sweaty gym kit, or snow-angel attire and it all (usually) makes its way home. We head straight off the slopes, straight from the mud-run, straight from the three day thru-hike, or directly from the pool to our method of transport home and everything still gets thrown in that one bag.

Aimed at keeping your adventurous spirit in tact and keeping your gear from getting ruined, the Outbreaker wet/dry bag is a perfect addition to your travel pack.

The Specs

Why Anti-Microbial Matters

Packing your nice swimsuit and fancy yoga pants for the trip home is necessary, but no one wants to grow mold or mildew on their journey. To keep your luggage safe from the damp, stinky odors, mold, and the ‘ick,’ the wet/dry bag combines waterproof sailcloth and the science of anti-microbial and anti-fungal coating to keep the damp contained and the gross stuff from growing.

We’ve merged tech and travel to make the stink stay put.

Adventure Happens… Do Your Worst

As travelers, we take our lives (the good, the bad, and the ugly) along for the ride with us on our journeys. Sometimes, that means a diaper blow out on the long car ride home, a puker on the 14-hour flight, the Zumba® class ending twenty minutes before you leave for the airport, or hanging out in the pool to grab the last minutes of that awesome vacation, hopping in the car straight from the Tough Mudder® course, or getting caught in a vicious rainstorm between the bus terminal and the airport.

The wet/dry bag takes your soiled, damp, sweaty, stained, icky stuff and keeps it safe inside and away from everything else you are carrying. Ball it all up, shove it all in, roll down the top, click for safe keeping, and know that you can fling it in your bag with whatever else you’ve got with you and nothing else will get contaminated.

Ready for Action

At Tortuga Backpacks, we know your travel journeys are an important part of life. We want you live and travel on your terms. Get caught in the rain in Bangkok, get covered in the red dirt of the Serengeti, take your two year old on an adventure of a lifetime, or spend the afternoon covered in the purifying mud of the Dead Sea. Our goal is to keep you ready for action.

Take the wet/dry bag with you and you’re always ready for anything. Pack those extra socks and underwear, that dry bathing suit, or those few things that absolutely must stay dry in your daypack and know you don’t have to stop your memory making moments for things you can’t control. You take care of the adventure – we promise to handle the dirty, muddy and wet.

Who Needs a Wet/Dry Bag

If you’ve ever left the confines of your own home, at some point in life, you’ve encountered wet, dirty, stinky, muddy, snowy, slushy, icky or gross. Often, it happens when you least expect it, or maybe it’s a daily part of your life, your passion, or just an inevitable part of your journey. Whatever the case – we’ve got you covered.

The wet/dry bag is for:

Perks of the ‘Travel Happens’ Wet/Dry Bag

No longer will you have to worry about that water bottle leaking all over your extra sweatshirt in your day pack, wondering what to do with that muddy pair of shoes, or having to figure out how to get that wet outfit home. We’ve got a stink securing pouch for your wet gear and a keep it clean pouch for your clean and dry gear.

The wet/dry bag is reusable, easily cleanable, stash-able, and the key to limiting stink and mildew-growing ‘ick’ inside any bag you have. For easy travel, simply pair it with either of our Outbreaker travel backpacks, the daypack, or the duffle.

With the wet/dry bag, you’re prepared for anything.


Travel is important and life happens along the way. Whether working as you journey, having an experience of a lifetime with friends and family, or capturing one yourself, with the wet/dry bag you’ll bring piece of mind along on your adventure. With the wet/dry bag you’re ready for it all!

You’ll love the wet/dry bag because it’s: