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One of the reasons that I live in Northern California is the weather. San Francisco’s weather is inconsistent, but temperate. Most importantly, we don’t have winter.

We don’t have a winter like back home in Pittsburgh. At home, the temperatures drop below freezing, and the snow piles up so high that our dog can barely walk through it.

That weather isn’t for me. I’m already dreading every walk from the house to the car.

I may not like winter, but many attractive destinations are cold. Traveling in the shoulder season or off-season, when a country’s weather may be colder, is also a great way to save money.

If cold weather travel is inevitable, what do you pack? And how do you pack it in just a carry on bag? All those layers and sweaters and coats take up a lot of space.

Let’s start with two basic principles then cover the details.

First, pack in layers, not bulk. Heavy sweaters and sweatshirts eat up a ton of space in your luggage.

Dress in thinner, insulating layers. The individual layers will take up less space in your bag and give you more clothing options. Jeremy discussed this strategy at length in his article on packing for an around-the-world trip.

Second, when picking clothes, wear wool. Wool is natural and versatile. A wool layer will help regulate your body temperature in any weather.

If the temperature heats up, you can still wear a thin wool shirt. It will help keep you cool. If you had packed a heavy sweater, it would be sitting uselessly in your bag.

If you follow these rules, you’ll be able to pack for a cold weather trip in a carry on. Yes, even with a bulky parka and snow boots. Remember: wear, don’t pack them.

Of course the bag you choose is important. The Outbreaker 45 is perfect for a cold weather trip. Because it’s the maximum allowable carry on size there is plenty of room for bigger, bulkier winter clothing.

Now, let’s talk specifics.

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Bitcoin coin

Imagine this scenario: you take an extended trip to three foreign countries. You don’t exchange currencies or pay the fees to do so. You spend your money without ever taking it out of an ATM or paying international transaction fees.

Sounds convenient and cheap, right?

This scenario isn’t a pipe dream. It could be the future of international currency.

How does it work? Bitcoin.

DISCLAIMER: This article is a speculative look at the future of travel and currency. It does not constitute, nor should it be interpreted as, investment advice. Please speak to a professional before investing.

What is Bitcoin?

Let’s start with the basics: What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows for worldwide payments with low or no fees. Because it’s based on peer-to-peer technology, no central authority (like a government) controls Bitcoin. It’s entirely decentralized.

Here’s a video that will help you understand Bitcoin.

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Packing light advice from the experts

Everyone aspires to pack light. Some travelers are successful, others can’t help but bring everything and the kitchen sink.

Here on our blog, packing light tips are the most popular posts. Even veteran light packers like Jeremy and I are always open to new ideas.

Packing light is a process, not a goal. We can always get better.

So we asked our favorite travel writers, speakers, designers, and CEOs,

What’s your best, non-obvious tip for packing light?

These travel experts all took different approaches. Some downsize their luggage forcing themselves to carry less. Some focus on clothing, others on toiletries. Some use technology to replace physical objects. Every one has great advice.

Check out their packing tricks below then let us know your best tip for packing light in the comments.

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Rolf Potts, Adam Seper, Matt Wilson, Tony Rulli, Christina Ricchiuti, Dave Dean, Blaine Ballard, Alex Jimenez, Netanya Trimboli, Clint Johnston, Nick Huggins, Katie Coakley, Lina Stock, Shaun Huberts, Frank Brown, Michael Tieso, Jessica Festa, Mike Stone, Isabel Clift, Matt Long, Sean Keener, Jess Dante, Mike Richard, Megan Lee, Doug Dyment, Taylor Welden, Jill Permadi, Chez Brungraber, Diego Saez-Gil, Tania Cruz, Jeff Broman


Rolf Potts, Travel Author

Rolf Potts's packing tips

My best unorthodox advice for traveling light is to not take a bag.

Follow Rolf on Twitter or learn more about Rolf’s No Baggage Challenge.

Adam Seper, Editor at BootsnAll Travel Network

Adam Seper's packing tips

Never buy a backpack/suitcase that is bigger than carry-on size. If your travel pack/suitcase is small, there is no possible way to overpack.

Follow Adam on Twitter or learn more at BootsnAll.

The Outbreaker Travel Backpack is the best carry-on sized backpack for urban travel.

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