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Making an India packing list is hard.

India’s incredibly hot, brutally cold, dripping wet, bone dry, packed, and desolate depending when and where you are. India is also amazing. This massive country asks a lot of the travelers that visit—health concerns, massive seasonal changes (monsoons!), logistics, language barriers—but every trip to India is its own reward. Take on the challenge with a new India packing list for every season and every reason.

Author’s Note: This India packing list is a general use template for travelers likely to stick to some of the more popular spots like Delhi, Agra, Goa, and Mumbai. It’s not for everyone, so feel free to add or subtract to customize your needs.

The India Experience

I’ve been to India twice, both for extended trips. I’ve danced at a wedding in the far north in Kashmir (on the Pakistani border), slept on the beach in Goa, sipped tea in Nilgiri, prayed in Chennai, and cruised the lazy rivers of Kerala. I’m visiting India again this April to participate in the Adventurists Rickshaw Run, where a buddy and I will drive a 7hp rickshaw 2,000 miles down the west coast of India. It’s gonna be great. And terrible.

India packing list

Follow our journey across India in the Rickshaw Run here!

My point is that India is complex, varied, ever-changing, and I still don’t have a great handle on it. You won’t either, which is kind of what makes it great. India is one of the most populous countries on earth, yet it features some of the most remote places you’ll ever experience. The mountains in the north are the foothills of the forbidding, frigid Himalayas while last year the Western deserts recorded the hottest recorded temperature on earth. Ever. Seriously, it was over 150 degrees fahrenheit. That’s nuts. It’s a place unlike any other. So pack accordingly.

India Packing Tips

The biggest tip is to tailor your India packing list to a very narrow set of goals. If you’re going to a wedding, don’t pack for a jungle trek, a mountain hike, six temple visits, and three weeks partying in Goa. You’ll bring too much useless stuff. Pack for the wedding and see what else you can bring along. Make your life a thousand times easier and stick to a carry on. The Outbreaker travel backpack is perfect for India, and water resistant which is super important during a monsoon. You’ll be fresh and nimble enough to enjoy all the India has in store for you. So let’s get into the essentials of what to pack for your trip to India! Click to continue…

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The Emerald Isle holds a sort of mystical lure amidst the backdrop of its luscious green landscape. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, this small European island packs a big punch. “I’m going to Ireland,” means something different to each traveler. Perhaps it’s your first international trip on a brand new passport. Maybe you’re headed north to see the land from which your ancestors came and learn more about that Irish heritage of yours. Or, you might  be camping or hiking your way across this great country to commune with the land and learn more about yourself.

Ireland is an amazing place to adventure with friends, explore a bit, eat a bit, drink in pubs, chat with locals, and wander through the footsteps of history. Regardless of the reasons you’re headed to Ireland, your voyage begins before you set foot across the border. Dream up your kind of journey, research adventures for your trip, and figure out what to pack.

Ireland Bucket List: What to See

They don’t call it the Emerald Isle for nothing. Ireland is a beautiful blend of urban adventures, small town charm, and countryside that begs to be wandered.

Urban Adventures

You’re likely to start in Dublin if you fly in. Don’t spend your whole week in just Dublin and think you’ve seen Ireland. Conversely, don’t make the mistake of skipping most of the city you arrive and depart from. Spend some time in Dublin and explore:

Small Town Delights

Ireland is full of small towns and hamlets, each with its own flair. If you want to get to know a town, visit the pub on a Saturday afternoon or after work on a week day and get to know the locals. No doubt you’ll explore many, but don’t miss Cork, famous for the Blarney Stone, but full of other interest too. The English Market is wonderful.

Outdoor Adventures

Traveling through Ireland is like adventuring through a postcard. The scenery is spectacular at every turn. History blends with culture and preserved wildlife in national parks and secluded islands. Be sure to take the time to explore some of the best of the Irish countryside. Rent a car. Take a bus trip. Or maybe just a long walk.

What to Pack for Ireland: The Necessities

No matter where you’re traveling (Ireland definitely included), there are a few things that should always be packed. If you’re smart, you will keep these in the bag that never leaves your side, because these are the items that are most important and often hardest to replace.

  • Wallet: With ID, passport & an extra copy of front page of your passport
  • Travel documents: Including travel insurance and visa documents if you need them
  • Medications: Daily, necessary, and allergy – carry extras & copies of prescriptions
  • Necessary tech: Chargers & converters – double check compatibility

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This week we are pleased to present a guest post by Joe Baur, a travel author and podcaster who’s constantly looking to get off the tourist trek in search of new stories. He enjoys few things more than a hoppy beer and chorizo in good company. Give him these things and he will be your friend for life. Visit his website to get to know Joe better.

I’m on day four or five of my hike along the historic Nakasendo Way with Walk Japan when we take a bit of a detour off the main trail and get dropped off by shuttle at Karasawa Falls. The thundering waterfall is as picturesque as any I’d seen before, surrounded in a valley of dense forest.

The fall season came late to Japan — concerning to climate scientists, but selfishly idyllic for those of us in hiking boots. The array of browns, oranges, and reds sneaking through the dense fog were as stunning as I had come to expect from the Japanese countryside. I could sense my lungs thanking me for the literal breath of cool, fresh air.

Had I been two weeks later, I might have been bent over to warm my hands against my body and missing the sights. Two months earlier and I’d have been sprawled out on the ground, sweating through my clothes in exhaustion.

Of course this is just one side of Japan. There’s the chaotic side borne out of Tokyo’s technocratic utopia where millions of people trek through the city like lemmings, eyes glued firmly to their mobile devices, when their attention isn’t grabbed by the absurd number of flashing lights shooting out of establishments ranging from hotels and restaurants to pachinko parlors and robot cabaret shows. It all depends on what part of town you’re in.

What you pack for Japan depends entirely on which Japan you’re going to see. Then, you need to consider the season you’re traveling in since the land of the rising sun, indeed, sees winter, spring, summer, and fall. Here are the essentials broken down by urban and rural Japan packing list.

Comfortable Shoes

Japan is a pedestrian country, first and foremost. People here walk. They walk to the store, walk to the train, walk to their bikes, and they walk for sport. Japan’s infrastructure is arguably the best equipped in the world for pedestrians, so that means you need to prepare your feet with some comfortable walking shoes. Whether it’s on a hiking trail or over urban sidewalks, your feet are going to be racking up the kilometers unlike any other destination on the planet.

A pair of Chacos’ Outcross 2 hiking shoes were a perfect match for Japan. They’re easy to jam into your luggage and are much more forgiving to bag space than heavy-duty hiking boots, which are more than likely unnecessary unless you’re Bear Grylls-ing it. Click to continue…