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Seattle tops my list of favorite cities in the world. Obsessed with good beer, coffee, music, and epic outdoor adventures, it’s a city that captured my heart with its effortless cool in the year that I lived there. Unlike New York or San Francisco, Seattle isn’t obviously hip — which adds to the appeal.

However, there is one downside to Seattle: The rain. While it does rain often in Seattle, the summer months are the exception. From June to August, the weather is typically a sunny, 70-80 degrees with 14-15 hours per day of daylight. Throw a temperate rainforest or mountain full of wildflowers in there, and the Seattle area is pretty much the perfect place to be in the summertime.

That said, there’s still a lot to enjoy about Seattle at any time of the year. So whether you’re heading to Washington State in January or June, here’s what to pack for Seattle:

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In December of 2014, we got tired of the blizzards and the cold of the New York winters. We drove across the country thinking we’d spend three months in sunny San Diego avoiding the wind, ice and snow of the northeast. Twenty six months later, and we’ve yet to move back to New York.

We knew we’d exchange the Atlantic for the Pacific, EST for PST, and triple-layered everything for a lightweight sweater once and awhile, but what we didn’t realize were the differences in food. Sure, we knew that there would always be a struggle between east and west coast bagels, that fish tacos were real, and that access to Mexican food was a trolley ride away instead of a flight – but I’m not sure we realized the magnitude of the dietary changes that would ensue.

Each of the individual neighborhoods in San Diego has a personality all its own. Avocados can be purchased practically everywhere and we have even learned how to make our own black beans since we now go through them faster than I ever imagined. And no matter what time of day, what neighborhood, or what price range – there are always tacos to be found.

In the short time we’ve been here, we’ve learned a few things:

  • Ask three people for their favorite fish taco shop and you’ll get at least five different answers
  • Wander each neighborhood and you’ll find a special treat in each five-block radius
  • Food trucks are everywhere
  • Hit the coast and you’ll find a combination of five-star everything from a deli shack to a waterfront tablecloth setting

Amidst sandy feet and a craft beer explosion, San Diego has its fair share of all things delicious running the gamut of price range.

Fans of Mexican cuisine, healthy and organic anything, avocado fanatics, fresh fish fiends and those who like the options for diverse eats from around the globe find a home in San Diego. There’s a place to go for awesome northern and sub-continental Asian food. An insane number of options for tacos of all kinds exist all around you. All sorts of Mediterranean, British and South African options abound, there are empanadas aplenty, and even a few New Zealand foodie establishments to add a bit of South Pacific flair.

There’s more to San Diego than meets the eye. You may come for the sun, sea and surf, but you’ll stay for the food. Read on for some recommendations: Click to continue…

We’ve all seen the unbelievable budget flight deals—London to Rome for €10, Paris to Prague for a hi-five, Boston to Iceland for $99 (that last one is totally real). Fantasizing about jetting off to a new city every weekend for pennies is easy, but don’t be seduced by the bargain prices.

Flying on a budget airline sucks.

Discount airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet, can seem like a steal, but more often than not you’re the one who gets fleeced. Hidden booking fees, inane service charges, exorbitant checked baggage (and even carry on baggage fees), are just some of the more obvious ways budget airlines nickel and dime you into paying a lot for your “cheap” flight.

But, you can beat the system and see the world for just a few bucks. You just have to be savvy as hell. Below is a comprehensive guide to the most common traps and fees of bargain airlines, along with a few ways to enhance even the crappiest flight. Enjoy, bargain hunters.

Always Read the Fine Print: Avoid Unnecessary Fees

Read the fine print on your booking, on your boarding pass, and on the company website; I can’t stress this enough. Budget airlines are designed to screw you out of money by taking advantage of your assumptions. The norms of other airlines don’t apply when you fly on a budget airline.

Some commonly held assumptions are:

  • Online check-in is free and available whenever you want (nope)
  • Carry on bags are free (nuh-uh)
  • Carry on bag size and weight limits are the same as other airlines (hahaha)
  • Checked baggage fees are reasonable (I’m actually crying a little right now)
  • You have a designated seat (pssht)
  • They have free food (no one has free food, what is this 1987?)
  • At least they have free drinks, right? (not for you, plebeian)
  • Not even coffee and water? (seriously, not even coffee and water)

Budget airlines are practically a different mode of travel—like pogo sticks. If you don’t respect them, you’re gonna get hurt. Click to continue…