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For most, the New Year signifies a time to make resolutions; to commit to changing a habit for the better.

I don’t know about you, but I always prefer to bring in the new year asking myself, “Where to next?” — not, “How many pounds should I try (and fail) to lose?” This year, though, why not resolve to take it a step further and do something truly epic? Go some where (or way) unique?

If you’re ready to step out of the ordinary and take a truly epic trip, below are 7 unique travel ideas to get you started. Be warned, though, these trips are best approached with a light packing list, an open mind, and a lot of common sense.

1. Asia: Zip through India in the Rickshaw Run

  • Where: India
  • When: For 3 weeks in either January, April, or August (currently, only August is available for 2017)
  • What: A 2-week race through India in a rickshaw
  • How much: $685 entry fee (which includes the rickshaw) per person + travel expenses during your stay

The Rickshaw Run is not your average travel adventure. Participants can sign up to drive a rickshaw (or tuk-tuk as they’re sometimes called) with two companions for roughly two weeks in India.

Although the winners are rewarded with a trip through environmental charity, Cool Earth, the vibes are pretty casual. Party at the start, party at the end, and (most likely) parties, mishaps, and plenty of cow road blocks in between. Further, participants are asked to raise money on behalf of the charity.

The hosts of the race, The Adventurists, also put together several other events such as the Ngalawa Cup (a yacht race near Zanzibar) and the Mongol Rally (driving through the Eurasian Steppe). Click to continue…

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If there’s one thing I learned from working on a cruise ship it’s that cruise ships are an absolute mess.

cruise ship packing list

Dozens of nightly events and shore excursion options, on top of massages, gyms, concerts, shows, bars, lounges, restaurants, and buffets… everywhere.  Cruise ships are chaos in motion—literally—so packing for a cruise requires a certain kind of zen.

From scenic Alaskan glacial cruises, to family-friendly Disney excursions, and non-stop parties in the Caribbean, every cruise has something special to offer. But despite their unique amenities, themes, and far flung destinations, cruise ships have more in common than you think.

Here’s a complete cruise ship packing list with everything you could ever need for your next cruise, whether it’s 3 hours, or 10 days. Bon voyage!

Cruise Ship Packing Essentials

Carry On Rules Apply

Ok, so carry on rules don’t actually apply on cruise ships, but they should. The rooms or “berths” if you’re hip to ship lingo (everything aboard a ship has to have a cool nautical nickname) are very, very small. Even the expensive rooms. You’ll usually only have enough room for one bag per person. Don’t hog the whole room. You’re better than that.

A cruise ship is basically a week-long boot camp to perfect your carry on ninja packing skills. Everything aboard ships is small, compact, and extremely efficient. If you’re on a really old-school cruise, the shower head might be located directly above the toilet seat. Seriously.

Take a cue from your environment and embrace the power of packing light. Also, don’t spend more than one second longer than you have to in your room. Your shower has a toilet in it for heaven’s sake. Click to continue…

This guide to Germany complied by Jennifer Sutherland-Miller & Jessie Beck, is part of a series of country-by-country focused resources addressing accommodations and transportation. You’ll find some overlap with the posts for other countries within the region. We’ve separated them by country because that’s what our readers are looking for. Feel free to skim past the parts that don’t suit you or seem redundant. Let us know if you’ve got insider knowledge to add!

Germany is one of those timeless places, where the Middle Ages rubs shoulders with bullet trains and the oompah of polka, played on an accordion by a man in lederhosen, floats on the same air as electronica. The country weathered some tough seasons and wrote some hard history for itself in the middle of the last century, but since then Germany has been transformed into the economic powerhouse of Europe and one of the most popular tourist destinations on the continent.

If you’re going to Germany, try to spend enough time that you can see north and south, east and west; each region is unique and worth exploring. The cities are fantastic. The little towns are just like you’d imagine them in a postcard. But the countryside is where the real adventure is to be found. Take a river trip if you can. Visit some castles. Definitely don’t miss the urban landscapes, or the arts and music cultures you’ll find in the street.

If you’re looking for Germany accommodations then this first section is for you. Germany transportation is listed below, so keep reading.

Table of Contents

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