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Here at Tortuga, the V3 project was all about getting more specific. Going more niche.

The Outbreaker backpack isn’t just a new product, it’s the next iteration of Tortuga as a company. For the launch, we redesigned our product line and website. Both are just the beginning.

The new site is meant to be a platform for our V3 strategy. We consider V3 to be a company change, not just a product change. The Outbreaker backpack appears to be an updated version of the Tortuga Backpack (aka V2) but is just the first step of a larger strategy.

The V2 Strategy

Our V2 line included two luggage-sized backpacks: the Tortuga and the Air, along with accessories including a daypack, rain covers, and packing cubes.

Together, the V2 line was a solid collection of products that worked well together.

While re-reading The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, I’ve been thinking about the laws in the context of our previous and current strategies.

The Law of the Category: If you can’t be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in.

Our goal with the company and the first product was to create the “travel backpack” category. Mission accomplished.

What’s changing?
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When it comes to travel, we’re all the same—we each put our pants on one leg at a time. Some of us just have far better travel pants than others, and that makes a big difference. A huge difference actually.

When you travel in a carry on bag, you only travel with two, maybe three pairs of pants or shorts. Weekend getaways and short work trips are even more spartan. Yet the pants you wear when traveling matter a lot, because if they’re not functional enough to keep up with airport security, comfortable enough for the long flight, and durable enough to handle life on the road, no polar-inspired fleece or fancy portable battery charger is going to make your travel comfortable.

You’ve gotta have good pants.

best travel pants

Travel Pants Checklist: Lightweight, Comfortable, Wrinkle-Resistant

A good pair of travel pants has three basic features—they’re lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and comfortable. That’s it. If all you can find in your budget is a pair of pants that packs well, feels good, and fits right, congratulations. If however, you’re willing to spend a few more bucks for a truly great pair of travel pants, keep your eyes open for features like deep pockets (you won’t lose anything on the bus), a designated passport pocket (it’s handier than you think), pickpocket proof pockets, zippered pockets (noticing a theme here?), and stain resistant or quick dry material.

Again, comfort, fit, and lightweight material are the most important, but everyone’s travel needs are different. So to help you pack the absolute best pair of travel pants I looked at some of the best new and established travel brands (and retailers) for travel pants and based my review on the following six criteria:

  • Fit — How do they feel on you? Is the sizing right?
  • Comfort — Are they comfortable?
  • Style — Will you actually wear these pants? Can you wear them on the trail and to a nice dinner?
  • Packability — Are your travel pants wrinkle-resistant? Are they lightweight?
  • Toughness — Do your travel pants stain easily? Will they rip or tear on the trail?
  • Features — Is your passport going to fall out when you sit down?

We know that “great travel pants” means different things to everyone. Some travelers need to look smart for work on the road. Others want a pair of travel pants that can take a beating for weeks on end. Still others just want a pair of comfortable travel pants for the flight with a few pockets to keep their important stuff safe while they explore Rome. Below is a list of our favorite travel pants. Pack any of these travel pants, and travel like a boss.
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Known as the land of sport, Melbourne, Australia is a hub of coffee, cricket, and culture in the land down under. Known to tennis fans for the Australian Open, racing fans for the Formula One Gran Prix, cricket fans for the boxing day test matches at the MCG, and fans of coffee for fantastic tastes and talented baristas, this cosmopolitan city welcomes all who visit. The central business district (CBD) and surrounding area provide entertainment of all sorts and there’s even more to see outside of the urban area.

From the cake shops of St. Kilda’s Ackland Street to the seaside vibe of the Docklands and everything in between, Melbourne is a city of character and color. Wander the laneways of DeGraves Street and the Block Arcade, grab some free wifi in a fantastic people watching spot at Federation Square, take in an afternoon stroll along the Yarra River or pick up a pie and a large long black (coffee) and grab a tram right out into the suburbs – no matter where you roam, Melbourne is filled with life.

Like many cities, you can spend two days, two months, or two years and never experience it all. Perhaps you have an afternoon to check out the beach in Port Melbourne, shop till you drop on Chapel Street, or take in the sights, sounds and smells of the Queen Victoria Market. Maybe you have a Sunday to spare to shop the Sunday Arts Market or take in the market along the banks of the sea in St. Kilda. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an evening to spare in the summer and can grab a concert at the Sidney Meyer Music Bowl in the Botanical Gardens or let your taste buds travel the world at the weekly Queen Victoria Night Market. If you’re visiting over Australia Day in January, or Anzac Day in April, and can take in all of the festivities and ceremonies designed to unite a shared community.

Even better, make the time in your visit to get outside the city. Ask a local for their suggestions, grab a car or a train ticket, and get on your way! Hike, sail, relax, learn, play and more in the many adventures that lie beyond Melbourne’s CBD. You can do a quick trip, an overnight stay, or throw caution to the wind and stay until you’ve had your fill. Go in search of what’s beyond – the magic you find may surprise you.

Pack a Daypack & Go

The great thing about using a city as your base for wider exploration is that you can leave all of your cumbersome luggage at your hotel or Airbnb and travel light with just a daypack.

Here’s your daypack packing list for day trips from Melbourne:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit for the beaches
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks to munch

If you’re making it an overnight in Apollo Bay or elsewhere, add:

  • Pajamas
  • One change of clothes
  • A light jacket for cool evenings
  • Toiletry bag

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