Power Trip 054: Quarter 1 2016: Making Big Moves


As we transition into the second quarter of 2016, we’re gearing up for some big changes both with the inner-workings of our company as well as with our products and website. In this episode we want to share our updates with you! Listen in as Fred and Jeremy discuss our upcoming retreat to Montreal, as well as the product and website redesigns which will be taking place later this year.

In This Episode

  • 03:24 Tortuga’s Montreal retreat
  • 08:16 Our new team members
  • 14:55 Why we’ve hired more team members
  • 28:15 Tortuga redesign
  • 31:00 Launching new site and V3 of the Tortuga
  • 35:55 Next episode with Patrick – product design process
  • 37:43 Upcoming episode with Taylor – marketing/branding process
  • 39:23 Word to the Wise

People On This Episode

Links from This Episode

  • Joe Beef – A life-changing Canadian dining experience

Word to the Wise

Feedback and Questions

If you have any feedback about the show or questions for us to answer on the air, email: podcast at tortuga backpacks dotcom.

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