Power Trip 056: Meet Taylor Coil, Tortuga’s Marketing Manager


Here at Tortuga, we’ve got leaders who are not afraid to hire strong women, and we’re excited to introduce one of them to you now! She’s smart, sassy, and rocks the red lip: meet Taylor Coil, the brilliant brain behind Tortuga’s marketing. Taylor has been a remarkable addition to the team, working hard to bring back the Cootie Catcher with a game called “Travel Roulette” (check it out… DO IT). This gal knows her stuff, and we’re willing to share her marketing philosophies for those of you who are interested in stealing her identity (or if you’d just like an inside look at what she does and how she does it). FUN FACT: she’s done it all while traveling the world with Remote Year.

Another exciting fact about Taylor: her veins run gold with Felix Felicis, so not only is she good fortune in human form, but she smells like everyone’s favorite everything (to this Tortuganaut she smells like Christmas and cupcakes and puppies). She’s awesome. We’re pumped to show her off.

In This Episode

  • 00:28 Meet Taylor
  • 01:11 Remote Year
  • 01:50 V3 plans and updates
  • 05:21 Taylor’s marketing processes and philosophies
  • 18:16 Quality vs quantity in marketing
  • 23:31 Taylor: A History
  • 36:23 How Taylor found Tortuga
  • 39:18 Biggest hopes/fears for Tortuga
  • 47:35 How does someone become Taylor Coil (in a non-“Single White Female” sort of way)?
  • 52:20 Word to the Wise

People On This Episode

Links from This Episode

Word to the Wise

  • Jeremy: 1. The Ringer – Bill Simmons’ follow-up to Grantland; 2. Hard drives are cheap! Back up your stuff!
  • Taylor: Rome2Rio – Big-time transportation hack; search the best ways to travel between destinations via bus, train, car, plane, etc.

Feedback and Questions

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  • Hey Lauren,

    Wow, Taylor seems like such a great leader and asset to any marketing department structure. It’s really rare to find someone that has that much experience with a good attitude and eager to make things happen while traveling too. That’s great for you guys!