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  • Travis Sherry

    Fred, thanks so much for featuring the Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast on this list, and so glad I can make your 15 hour flights a touch more enjoyable!

    I also highly recommend the Zero to Travel podcast. It’s nice to have someone else out there featuring awesome travel stories so that I don’t have to keep listening to myself!

    Oh, and for anyone interested in packing in just a carry-on, Fred’s episode ROCKS! He gives some awesome, awesome advice.

    • You’re welcome, Travis. I’m always glad to help spread the word.

  • Jason Moore

    Thank you so much Fred! Can’t believe I’m on this short list among two of my personal favorite podcasts…totally blown away. Love what you are doing, keep up the great working help us travel better!

    • You’re welcome, Jason. I like to champion the new guys doing going work. We’ve been there.

  • Hey! Awesome looking backpacks and HUGE thanks for the mention of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast ( I hope your readers enjoy it!

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