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Travel Roulette: The Game of Adventures


True spontaneity is tricky. I’ve been trying to plan a short getaway with one of my friends for weeks now, but we haven’t committed to visiting any one place in particular. We’ve discussed driving down to Nashville, taking a train up to Portland, Maine, or finding a yurt in Western Massachusetts for a fireside weekend, but the options for adventures are overwhelming.

We both have tight budgets, and can’t afford to take much time off from work, but we’re desperate to escape Boston’s dark winter for a long weekend, and we want to be daring about it. How do we even begin to choose?

One option is to make it a game.

Travel Roulette

cootiecatcher-roadtrip-01You’re probably familiar with the infamous “Russian Roulette,” in which one round is loaded into a six shot revolver, the barrel is spun and the trigger pulled. A one in five chance of death. Or, a roulette wheel in a casino: where the ball pops around, and around, as the wheel is spun, eventually settling into a number, black or red, determining the fate of the betting parties.

What if we approached travel possibilities with the same sense of unknown and bravery? Have you ever played Travel Roulette?

Team Tortuga has developed  an adventure-generating game, in order to turn any outing into an exploration of the unexpected. Whether you’re taking off on a months long round the world trip, or a weekend road trip within a hundred miles of home, or maybe even just an afternoon out in your own town, our downloadable game will amp the excitement and help up the ante on your travel groove.

Travel Roulette will challenge your comfort zone and bring the fun:

  • Instagram your craziest selfies
  • Zoom in on the details
  • Create a scavenger hunt
  • Get lost on purpose
  • Bring the clown fire drill of your youth back to life
  • Play Car-eoke on your road trip
  • Go analog instead of digital

How It Works

Choose Your Adventure

First, download the cootie catcher. It’s simple: enter your email in the box above and, boom, the party’s in your inbox. You remember these, the little folded paper games you probably played in grade school, that had a funny challenge or the answer to a question inside the bottom flap. We’ve got one for Road Trips, one for Adventures in general, and a blank one just waiting for your inspiration.

Fold It Up

Follow the directions on the printable to fold your cootie catcher. You’ll have a pleasant rush of childhood fun as you slip your fingers into the underside and start opening and closing the mouth of the catcher, exposing the numbers on the inside.


The game is simple:

  • Close the cootie catcher and choose a picture (the Tortuga logo, for example)
  • Open and close the cootie catcher, alternating directions, once for each letter. T-O-R-T-U-G-A
  • Hold it open on the last letter and choose a number
  • Open and close the cootie catcher, alternating directions, for the appropriate number of times
  • Hold it open at the last number and let your partner choose one final number
  • Open the flap and read the instruction, or challenge
  • Do it!

Make Your Own

Cootie Catcher
Don’t be limited by our two editions, let your imagination run wild and create games for every adventure. We’ve prepared a couple of printables for you, but we’ve also included a blank, so you’re more than welcome to make your own. Looking for some ideas to get you started?

How about:

  • Nearby cities for a weekend trip
  • Types of accommodations
  • Unique challenges
  • Haunted places
  • Quirky festivals
  • Childhood memories
  • Favorite authors, or films
  • Holiday versions
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Themed versions: foodie, photo trip, staycation or no-money spent

Maybe you’ll end up in Boston for the weekend, staying in an Airbnb that hosts everyone in one room, and your goal will be to talk to ten strangers before you leave.

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.

Share Your Story

Taylor cootie
The great thing about games like these are the ways in which they broaden travel experiences, expand comfort zones and create memories with the people we travel with. Our games are designed to create experiences to share, together on the trip, and through social media with the world at large.

  • Share your stories & pictures
  • Share your adventures & antics
  • Create your own and tell us about it

Upload your experiences and tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Be sure to include links to your social media, or blogs, and we’ll share the best of them with the world.


Join the team at Tortuga in our Travel Roulette challenge!

  • Make a cootie catcher to add fun to every trip
  • Stretch your comfort zone and try things you wouldn’t, necessarily, on a normal day
  • Send us your stories and we’ll share them on our networks

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