A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Auckland, New Zealand

Shawn Forno

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Auckland International Airport is located about 10-15 miles (20km) south of central Auckland.

New Zealand has some of the strictest biosecurity regulations in the world, so customs will take longer than you’re used to.

Sky Bus

SkyBus is the cheapest, easiest way to get downtown.

Departs: 24/7 4 a.m. to midnight, every 30 min

Costs: $17 online $18 walk up

Use the Auckland Transport Journey Planner to hop off at the right stop

Bonus: SkyBus has wifi onboard


Easy to pick up outside the terminal

Takes about 20 min to get downtown

Costs: 70-90NZ

New Zealand taxis can be a little pricey, so unless you’re in a hurry, traveling with others, or just don’t care about budget, save cash and hop on the SkyBus

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Cell Phone

T-Mobile’s International plan works in New Zealand

Other cell providers:

2Degrees – Best coverage

Skinny– Customizable

Spark-Best data





New Zealand does not have great connectivity

Wifi access is patch, particularly on the south island

Data is expensive compared to the rest of the world

Hotels and cafes will have wifi but expect it to be difficult


Data plans are expensive in NZ compared with other countries

Spark Monthly Mobile Plans offer the most data by far, but it also comes at the highest prices

2Degrees plans offer solid coverage nationwide, and vary from carryover (aka “rollover packages”) to monthly rates and prepaid SIM

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