A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Bali, Indonesia

Jenn Sutherland-Miller

Get Downtown

There are several options upon arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali.

  • Taxi
  • Grab Taxi or Uber
  • Bus
  • Moto-Taxi


Book at official taxi counter

Cost: Approximate fares can be found here, around Rp 300,000 to Ubud

Metered Bluebird cabs are less; grab one at domestic drop offs


Two routes from airport along two routes.

Pick up: Ground floor of the International Terminal

Hours: 9 am-5 pm every 15 min.

Cost: Rp 7,500 

Private shuttles: Book through hotel or online


Go-Jek Motorbike taxis can be booked through this app

Only useful if you are traveling very light, as luggage isn’t going to work on a bike

Uber & Grab Taxi

Uber  has been banned in Bali. Travelers do report that they’re still up and running, however. Take your chances!

Grab Taxi: Similar to Uber but specific to SEA

Get Online

Cell Phone

T-Mobile ONE International does work in Bali

SIM: XL, Telkomsel & Indosat are most popular

Buy: At the airport or convenience stores

Recharge: Convenience stores

Best Coverage: Telkomsel simPATI 


Free wifi is available at Denpasar airport

You’ll find wifi almost everywhere you want to be in Bali

When in doubt, ask!


USB Dongles are available for internet in Bali from a number of providers

If you need truly fast internet for video or conference calls with screen sharing HUBUD coworking space in Ubud is an excellent option

Get Going

Apps and a packing list for Bali

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