The Best Travel Clothing for Men and Women

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Most people are urban travelers and don’t need a whole separate wardrobe just for traveling. What you really need to travel light and travel well, is a carefully chosen capsule wardrobe of clothing that is versatile, flexible, layers seamlessly, and are good quality. 

Start With Choosing the Right Bag

A capsule wardrobe won’t go far without the right bag to pack it in. Choose a travel backpack that’s carry-on-sized like the Tortuga Travel Backpack. The Travel Backpack fits a week’s worth of clothes, making it ideal for traveling with a capsule wardrobe.

Tortuga Travel Backpack

Tortuga Travel Backpack

The Outbreaker Backpack is carry-on-sized and fits in the overhead bin. This award-winning travel backpack combines the space and organization of a suitcase with the comfort and flexibility of a hiking pack.

Best Travel Clothes To Pack

If you’re looking to build out your travel wardrobe with good quality pieces that will go the distance, here are some of the best picks in each category, tested by travelers and worth the investment.




Winter Travel Clothing

Packing light for winter trips can be harder when you’ll need heavier clothes, more layers, and extra winter accessories. Just because you need a coat and hat doesn’t mean you have to check a bag.

Women’s Travel Clothing

Ladies, when we travel, we need clothes that can do so much more than look good on us. We want pants with four-way stretch for optimal airplane comfort. We want odor-resistant and sweat-wicking fabric for warm-weather adventures in AC-sparse corners of the globe. We want clothes that won’t wrinkle in our luggage, or fall apart on day 10 of a round the world adventure.

Below are our favorite places to find travel clothing for women–whatever your style may be.

Travel Clothing Tips

Why is it that some people bring multiple checked bags while others pack everything in a personal item for the same trip? They probably don’t have different needs they just needs some tips for packing on a trip.

Packing Resources

Bring everything you need without checking a bag.

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