Best Travel Pants: An In-Depth Review

Shawn Forno, Laura Lopuch

Every traveler puts their pants on the same way—one leg at a time. The only difference is that some of us just wear better travel pants than the rest. And that’s a bigger deal than you think.

When you travel in a carry on bag, you only pack two, maybe three pairs of pants. Weekend getaways and short work trips are even more spartan. And three pairs of pants just isn’t very many when you’re traveling for weeks or even months at a time. That’s why it pays to invest in quality travel pants that perform in a variety of different situations.

From airport security and 14-hour bus rides to hiking treks and happy hour mixers, today’s travelers expect comfortable, durable, functional travel pants all in a stylish package. Luckily, there are some great travel pants on the market. Here are six of the best travel pants in 2019 and what you should look for in a really great pair of travel pants for every kind of trip, traveler, and budget.

Men’s Travel Pants Checklist:

Lightweight, Comfortable, Wrinkle-Resistant

The best travel pants all share three basic features. They’re all:

  • Lightweight
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Comfy

That’s it. If all you can find in your budget is a pair of pants that packs well, feels good, and fits right, congratulations. If however, you’re willing to spend a few more bucks for a truly great pair of travel pants, keep your eyes open for these additional features:

Horizontal Pockets

It sounds like a small gripe, but vertical cut pockets are bad at holding things, especially when you sit down. Look for deep horizontal cut pockets to keep your stuff safe

Zippered Pockets

Most travel pants have a few zippered pockets. I like zippered front pockets (since that’s where I keep my travel wallet and at least one zippered rear pocket

Stain Resistance

Stain resistant materials are usually treated to be hydrophobic (water and stains just roll off). Another cheap stain fighting tool is to just get dark colored pants. What stain? Those are just my chocolate colored slacks. Ta-da

Quick Dry Material

Look for polyester, nylon, or merino wool blends.

Again, comfort, fit, and lightweight material are the most important features, but everyone’s travel needs are different. So to help you pack the absolute best pair of travel pants I tested some of the best new and time-tested travel pants and based my review on the following six criteria:

  • Fit — How do they feel? Is the sizing accurate?
  • Comfort — Are they comfortable?
  • Style — Will I actually wear these pants? Can I wear them on the trail and to a nice dinner?
  • Packability — Are these travel pants wrinkle-resistant? Are they lightweight?
  • Toughness — Do the travel pants stain easily? Will they rip or tear on the trail?
  • Features — Do the pants have secure pockets and other travel-friendly features?

“Great travel pants” means something different to everyone. Some travelers need to look smart for work on the road. Others want a pair of travel pants that can take a beating for weeks of trekking. Still others just need a comfy pair of travel pants for the flight with a few pockets to keep their important stuff safe while they explore Rome. Below is a list of our favorite travel pants. Pack any of these travel pants, and travel like a boss.

Best All Around Travel Pants: Bluffworks Tailored Fit Chino ($98)

The Bluffworks tailored fit chinos might be the best pair of pants I’ve ever worn—travel pants or otherwise. At just under $100, these travel pants might seem pricey, but they’re honestly worth every penny. These pants feel great, pack down to practically nothing, look awesome, take a beating, and fit the way I want them to. 10 out of 10.

If the price tag is a little high for you, just remember that quality gear pays for itself over time. If you travel a lot, you’re going to wear these things multiple times a week. Heck, I wore these every single week when I worked in an office in Manhattan. They don’t look like “travel” pants. They’re just great pants.

Plus, when you invest in a great pair of travel pants you can pack less, wear them multiple times between washes, and your pants last longer. I’ve been wearing these regularly for over two years and they still look awesome. When you travel as much as I do, a great pair of travel pants that look great after being pulled out of my Outbreaker travel backpack is a game-changer. I love these pants.


I’m a stylish traveler (shut up, I am), so fit is important to me, especially when your wardrobe consists of two options for 6 weeks (or 6 months!). The Bluffworks tailored fit chinos lived up to their name and actually fit really well.

The 32×32 is true to fit, but what’s really nice is that I don’t have to wear a belt to keep them at my waist, even when my pockets are full. They’re snug without pinching or cinching at my waist, even if your weight fluctuates a little. No one’s judging.

Bluffworks features a number of sizing options, so you can find the perfect fit, but go with a slightly snugger fit than you wear at home to make sure they don’t sag or slough off. These chinos are also available in regular fit if a tailored fit isn’t your thing.


The soft wrinkle-resistant fabric in these pants and additional stretch material make these pants a comfy, cozy fit. They handle heat and cold equally well, and stood up to the elements in India, which is really saying something. I felt like I wasn’t wearing “travel pants” during the trip, which is about the best endorsement you can give a pair of travel pants. Note: They can get a little warm if you’re in blazing heat or a really muggy place, but I bike to work in them and I never felt my legs were too hot.


These pants just look good. They don’t scream “travel pants”. Seriously, despite having high tech travel features like security zippered pockets (awesome by the way), and wrinkle-resistant material, you’d never know they were travel pants and that’s the way I like it. I even cuffed the pants while walking around India this last trip, and they looked dope as hell. They come in Charcoal, Khaki, Stone, Steel Blue, Harvest Gold so you can style them with anything else you pack.


I was surprised by the sheer lightness of these pants. They weigh next to nothing, roll down to nothing, and won’t wrinkle in your bag. These came out of my Outbreaker travel backpack looking fresh every time. Absolutely killed it.


I put these travel pants through the wringer on a 3-week Rickshaw Race across India, and still look great. I wore them during the 22-hour flight and they handled all the spills and sleeping contortions I threw at them. Dirt isn’t a problem, dust bounces off, stains aren’t an issue, and nothing tore or frayed on any trip. These travel pants might be bulletproof.

Author’s Note: Please don’t shoot bullets at these pants, especially if you’re wearing them. I was just trying to make a point. Pants can’t stop bullets.



The pants are quick drying, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, soft, stretchy, and packed with travel features like interior zippered security pockets (front and back), and a reasonable pocket-depth—which is way more important than you think. When you sit down and contort yourself in a ball for a 12-hour bus ride, nothing is going to fall out of your pockets. That’s happened in the past and it’s the worst.


These travel pants are amazing. I wear them all the time here in New York City, which is saying something. They’re comfy, durable, stylish, and packed with features. I’d wear these to happy hour with work colleagues, rock climbing in the park (I already have), or biking around the city. Awesome travel pants.

Best Travel Jeans: Outlier Slim Dungarees ($198) / Bluffworks Departure Jeans ($ 125)

Jeans are usually a hot button issue when it comes to travel pants, but thanks to COOLMAX and poly blends, travel jeans can be just as easy to pack and travel with as other feature-packed travel pants. Here are two of my favorite travel jeans.

Outlier Slim Dungarees ($198)

These are fantastic pants for active travelers looking for stylish everyday travel pants. I bike and rock climb in these pants all the time and they still look awesome when I meet friends out for a drink. That’s the real key to finding great travel pants—all day wearability through activities and social events. Because that’s kind of what travel is all about!

Fit & Comfort

The fit and feel of the Outlier “Workcloth” is what sets these pants apart from other travel pants. Designed for rugged wear and tear, the Dungarees are named after the original “casual work and wear” pants for everyday use. Designed to stretch a little with use, Outlier recommends that you get these pants “on the snug side” so they can expand as you use them (and I completely agree). If you’re concerned about size, go with a tighter fit.



While technically not denim, these jeans are inspired by the original work pants of miners and laborers and it shows in how well they deal with the elements. Great for the rain, the dirt, climbing, biking, and drinking, these pants really are a do everything pair of travel pants. If you’re only packing one or two pants for your trip, you should include a pair of Outlier Dungarees.


These pants scream quality. Throw a cuff or two on the bottom, and dress these up with a Bonobos button up shirt and you will look like a million bucks. Then wear these things climbing. You’ll still look great.


5-pocket build with all the quick-dry, water and stain repellent features you can ask for. My favorite thing about these travel pants is the way the deep horizontal cut pockets keep all my stuff safe. Your phone will easily fit in any pocket and what’s more impressive is that it’ll stay put no matter how you jostle around.


I roll these pants and put them in a packing cube, and they always look great. Lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and just plain built for travel. 10 out of 10.

Bluffworks Departure Jeans ($125)

If you want the classic look of denim without the bulk and hassle of actual jeans, Bluffworks new travel jeans are for you.

Fit & Comfort

Designed to be worn all day everyday, these pants are cut to be comfy while still sleek. A more relaxed fit than I typically wear, these travel jeans are a great option for long flights (which is really saying something), thanks to the COOLMAX polyester, rayon, spandex blend. Like the Outlier dungarees, you’ll want to err on the slim side when it comes to sizing as these jeans stretch a little with use.


Not quite as rugged as thick heavy canvas denim, these travel jeans can still take a good thrashing and regular washes. The fabric is 11 oz per yard (that’s fairly heavy duty FYI), so they’re tough yet in the middle of the field when it comes to lightweight feel. A great pair of everyday travel jeans for hiking, city trekking, and biking.


I like jeans, so it’s always a pain that I don’t usually pack a pair. That’s why I’m so excited about the Bluffworks travel jeans. It’s nice to have a pair of travel pants that you can literally wear everyday to just about everything. Jeans are the ultimate go-to pants, so having the ability to pack a lightweight pair of travel jeans is a game changer for my long haul travel capsule wardrobe since jeans really do go with everything.


The biggest feature is the stylish cut and COOLMAX stretch of these jeans, but if you’re nuts for zippered secret pockets, these jeans feature two secret zippered rear pockets along the waistline. I actually didn’t even know they were there for the first few days which is saying something. Ideal for stashing emergency cash or anything you really can’t afford to lose.


Jeans aren’t renowned for their lightweight packability. That’s just a fact. However, at 23 oz these travel jeans will easily make the cut for most carry on travelers. Plus, you can eliminate other travel pants thanks to the versatility of packing travel jeans, so in a way they might even make your bag lighter in the long run!

Best Business Travel Pants: Bluffworks Tailored Fit Chino ($98)

That’s right. Back to back winner. Bluffworks pants really are that good. Perfect for the boardroom or the bouldering wall, the sleek silhouette and durability ensure that you can wear these on the go and still look professional. See above.

Best Budget Travel Pants: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Flat Front Fit Chino ($39)

Before you panic, this is not just a list of chino pants. The stretch fit jeans are also fantastic travel pants, but they don’t pack quite as small or as light as the chinos, so I had to include the best of the best here.


Thanks to the stretch material, these slim fit pants fit absurdly well. You really only have to worry about your waist size while picking out Uniqlo pants since every pair of pants is the same length—34”. I cuff my pants (#hipster), but if that’s not for you, Uniqlo does on-site hemming for free.


These are ultra stretch pants. What more do I need to say? They don’t ride up in the crotch the way other slim fit pants do, and after a few washes these pants get so soft you’ll feel like you’re swaddled in merino wool for a fraction of the price.


Again, style is totally up to you—some people like looking like an REI catalogue come to life—but I enjoy the way these pants seamlessly (see what I did there?) fit into city life on the road. Not every trip includes hiking a mountain, but even when it does, you’re probably gonna grab a few beers at the local watering hole afterwards to celebrate. Why not look like a regular human with pants that actually fit?

Uniqlo features a few color options from khaki, black, blue, red, olive, and even white (don’t pick white travel pants) and tons of other fit options—from regular to relaxed fit and even jogger pants—so find the stretchy travel pants of your dreams, my friend. They’re out there.


Packing is where the budget nature of these pants starts to become apparent. They don’t handle rolling quite as well as other travel pants, and might wrinkle a little bit. It’s nothing to worry about, but they aren’t space age material. If looking pressed and fresh all the time is a concern, these might not be the travel pants for you.


Again, the material is a nylon blend for maximum stretch, so while these pants can take a few twists and turns (nailed it), they might not be the best pants for the trail. Snags and tears can happen to these pants. Designed with movement in mind, these pants are definitely suited for city travel.


Aside from the stretchy fabric and comfy fit, these pants don’t come with any other travel features. The pockets are angled (not parallel to the waistline), so they’re not as secure as Bluffworks travel pants or Betabrand travel pants, but I’ve worn these pants for years and haven’t lost anything out of the pockets.

Uniqlo is a fantastic place to find a second pair of budget travel pants that you can comfortably wear just about anywhere. Grab a pair in some flashy colors and rest assured that you won’t look like a dork on your next trip to Europe.

Best Adventure/Hiking Travel Pants: Prana Stretch Zion Straight ($89)

If you’re going to be hiking a lot, you need a pair of performance travel pants. My favorite is the Prana Stretch Zion hiking pants, for a lot of reasons. But mainly they just plain work—on the trail, in your bag, and for your budget.


Stretch is the key word for the Zion line of Prana pants. They have just the right amount of give and stretch while also holding their shape—which is important for me. I don’t like saggy, baggy pants even when I’m hiking. I have a tendency to load up my pockets with snacks, camera, and gear—cargo, front, and rear—when I hike so a pair of pants that can stay at my waist is key. Zion pants also keep everything where it’s supposed to be even when I jump, jog, or scramble. And that’s nice.


Extremely comfortable. I don’t have much more to say about it. I wore these pants every single day for over 6 weeks while hiking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago, and I looked forward to putting them on every morning. They’re still my go-to hiking pants. The easy to use adjustable weight also helps for longer trips when your weight might fluctuate. Also, props for adding a vented inseam gusset.

The slim fit is definitely my favorite cut, but if slim fit isn’t your thing Prana offers a regular stretch fit Zion pant option (it’s the original pants actually) that a lot of people love. And some of the colors are even on sale for as little as $50. So that’s sweet.


Hiking pants are rarely the most stylish travel pants in the world, but that’s not why you’re wearing them. However, these look a million times better than other hiking pants, and streamlined look, single cargo pant design (which I love), and overall aesthetic is pleasing enough to wear when you’re not on the trail. You’ll still look like a backpacker in these travel pants, but at least you’ll look like a savvy one.

Note: These pants have built-in roll up snaps for warmer days, but I think you can class these pants up just by rolling them up and wearing a nice pair of espadrilles or slick travel shoes.


Surprisingly lightweight (22 oz.) for such a feature packed pair of slacks, the Adventure Travel Pants roll into a ball without wrinkling and keep coming back for more. Carry on packing approved.


These pants can take anything you can throw at them. They’re UPF 50+ rated, abrasion and water resistant, and are more than capable of dealing with your backcountry shenanigans as the daily wear and tear of travel. Two thumbs way up.


Prana makes pants for rugged adventure travel. Tough, quick drying material, a stylish comfortable fit, wrinkle-resistance, abrasion resistance, and a very functional cargo pocket make these the best travel pants for hiking I’ve seen in a while. If you’re a gear nut or just trying to stay safe and organized on the road, these are the pants for you.

Toughest Travel Pants: Tru Spec 24-7 Tactical Pants ($49)

If the name didn’t give it away, these are some tough ass travel pants. Inspired by tactical pants, the Tru Spec line of travel pants are designed to take a beating. Cards on the table—I don’t normally recommend such rugged feature-rich travel clothing.

However, I just spent an entire season selling Christmas trees in New York City in these pants and they are legit. I used ALL the pockets, punished them in the wind, rain, and cold, and they just smiled and asked for more. If you’re a beast, these are your new favorite travel pants.

Features & Durability

Every aspect of these pants is about functionality and durability from the Teflon coated fabric that resists stains and water, to the reinforced knees and articulated seams for mobility and strength. The cargo pockets on the sides are flush with the pant leg for a streamlined look (I didn’t even realize I had cargo pockets for a while!) and they even feature a smaller internal pocket within the cargo pocket for keeping tools handy and organized.

I love the pocket-in-a-pocket design that helps you keep things ready to hand while still organized. I used a little carpenter slit in the cargo pocket for my box cutter, and deeper pockets to keep all my cash safely stashed away but still handy. Perfect for long flights where you need snacks, your passport, headphones, and more to be handy but still separate.

Fit, Comfort, & Style

The adjustable elastic slider waistband is a game changer. Basically, these pants are built for carrying a lot of stuff. But when you carry a ton of crap around, your pants can start to slide off your hips. Not with the elastic slider. It keeps your pants snug around your waist while providing a little give if you lug around a hammer or pair of pliers. I can’t get over how well these pants stayed put.

There’s also a unique silicon lining that works as a “shirt stay” to keep your shirt or base layer from coming untucked. It sounds dumb, but it’s awesome for layering and provides a comfortable fit that locks in body heat on cold hikes and locks out moisture in rough weather, which is a surprisingly nice feature.

Tru Specs Vector pants are a little heavier than other casual travel pants or hiking pants, but that’s because they’re designed for the elements. If you want a more lightweight version, the Tru Spec Ascent ($64) features a mechanical stretch polyester cotton blend for a lighter yet durable hiking pant.

Budget Travel Pants That Can Take a Beating

If you’re hitting the trail or looking for the next level in durability for the elements, the Tru Spec line of travel pants for men and women is a great, incredibly affordable place to start your search. Seriously, these pants are less than $50. That’s the most badass thing about them.

Best Men’s  Travel Pants: Honorable Mentions

Lululemon ABC Pant Classic ($128)

I’ve been rocking the Lululemon T.H.E shorts for a few weeks now, and dang if they’re not a game changer. The ABC pants are in the same vein. Comfy as all hell and super lightweight with rear zippered pockets and thoughtful details like reflective lining when you cuff the pants (great for biking or early morning hiking). I’m kind of floored by how much I like these pants.

Betabrand Best Travel Pants ($95)

Betabrand features a host of travel pants, from wrinkle-resistant linen travel pants ($88) to executive travel sweats ($83), but their best travel pants are still the flagship travel pants.

The wrinkle-resistant, insanely lightweight fabric is the selling feature of these travel pants. They come with all the bells and whistles of other travel pants—zippered passport pocket, gusseted crotch, and a two-way stretch nylon weave—and they do it in a bonkers lightweight design.

These pants are a little looser than I typically prefer, but that’s just me. Definitely a contender for best business travel pants, Betabrand features a host of stylish options for wowing the boardroom after your 10-hour flight.

Rhone Commuter Pants ($128)

Over two years in the making these travel pants are trying to do it all. Made from Japanese stretch fabric, packed with zippered pockets and media friendly pockets, these comfy, stylish, exquisitely designed travel pants are aptly named for today’s on the go commuter.

Best Travel Pants for Women


I love my jeans. Those Lucky Brand jeans have crisscrossed the country, stomped around puddles, and run for flights with me. But sometimes, you need to up your game and get some pants that are made for serious travel. Pants crafted from technical fabric that’s not ever going to rip, whisks away rain, and dries over night. I’m talking about travel pants.

Requirements for Women’s Travel Pants


Sitting for long hours on a plane or bus ride with your lower half feeling like it’s encased in steel is torture. There’s no way to find a comfortable position. Being forced to sit upright like you are the Queen of England when all you really want to do is pretzel up into a comfortable ball of sleep is torture. If only your pants would allow such relaxation. When you’re traveling, you want to be comfortable however long the journey might be.


I’m the girl whose jeans have holes two weeks after purchasing them. I wear my pants rough and dirty, harder than the dustiest cowboy on the drive. Because of that, I travel with a mini sewing kit. But really, I don’t want to break out the needle just because my pants are fragile, delicate creatures. You want travel pants that beat down the road’s abuse. Pants that don’t sprout holes in the knees, crotch, or bum at the worst moments. Pants that don’t fall to pieces on day five of your month-long trip.

Good Looking Bum

Ladies, raise your hand if, right after trying on a new pair of pants, you turn around to check out your bum in the mirror? Yeah, I thought so.  The trouble with most travel pants is that they fail bum-mirror check. Drawstrings aside, you need pants that fit your nicely curved backside, not a shapeless sack. Depending on how comfortable you are with your shape and the countries you’re traveling through, you might desire more, or less, cling to that lovely derriere.


Do your travel pants take up a lot of space in your bag? Do they emerge in a sea of wrinkles? Are they heavy, weighing you down instead of freeing your legs to climb mountains? Packability extends to how quick-drying something is. Nothing is worse than getting caught in a day-long drizzle, so you slosh around in tight, wet jeans that feel like trudging through mud. When you’re traveling light with one or two pairs of pants, you need them to be quick-drying. Not just for those days you’re out in the elements. But for the nights of washing your pants in your hostel’s sink and crossing your fingers they’ll be dry by morning.

Gimme Some Pockets

How many times have you stuck your hands into your pants’ pockets only to end up with half of your hand still outside the pocket? Too many times to count. I hear you. When I’m traveling, I pack the pair of pants with the biggest pockets. Pockets — and their ability to keep my MVP items on my person — make me feel secure when traveling. I don’t worry about the threat of pickpockets or my handbag getting stolen. My most valuable items are right here (pat, pat) in my pockets. The best travel pants have generous pockets. Not these wimpy little wannabe pockets that barely fit a Chapstick because, oh, giggle, I woke up looking this gorgeous and who the heck needs an ID, credit card or — heaven forbid — a green stack of cash because money still, most definitely, talks. No, I want real pockets that will hold real items like my cell phone and wallet. Even better, I want my pants to have some hidden pockets to keep my passport close and an emergency wad of greenbacks closer, when staying somewhere sketchy.

Best Travel Pants: prAna Women’s Regular Inseam Halle Pant($85)


Water-resistant and moisture managing, these pants have 3% Spandex for a lovely stretch. Reviewers gush about their breathability and comfort. You can climb any mountain, ford any stream, and explore any cobblestoned street in these travel pants.


Two words for you: Reinforced knees. Heck yeah. One reviewer nicely summed up these pants: If you need a versatile-yet-sassy pant that will hold up to your hikes, bikes and other adventures, these are a good ‘un. In summary, welcome to the prAna Halle Pant! (My suggested slogan: “For When Yoga Pants Aren’t An Option”).”

Good-Looking Bum

With a button-close instead of a drawstring, these pants don’t flap or sag. Two rear flap pockets help accentuate your bum and provide some welcomed tailoring. One reviewer even said, “My butt looks really great in these!”When was the last time you heard that said about travel pants?


These pants are made out of nylon, so you won’t need to worry about wrinkles. Plus, they’re quick-drying and woven with durable water repellent finish, so you won’t have to dart for cover in a rainstorm.

Gimme Some Pockets

Four pockets. That’s four more than 90% of the travel pants I found in my research for this article.

Best Business Travel Pants: Betabrand Women’s Dress Pant Yoga Pant (Boot Cut) ($62)


Crafted from stretchy, yoga-pant-like fabric, these pants move with you rather than against you. With their sleek tailoring, they’re perfect for business trips where you go from airport to conference room.


These women’s travel pants are made from comfy, soft fabric, so toughness isn’t on the top of the list. Instead, they’re made for comfort while looking good.

That being said, I noticed in a handful of Amazon reviews that holes developed in these pants after a couple uses. These pants probably won’t hold up to mountain climbing, but they’re perfect for professional situations and board rooms.

Good-Looking Bum

“Whenever my wife wears these pants, I just want to smack that ass. If there is one pair of pants she has that makes my hair stand up, it’s these pants,” said one Amazon male reviewer about his wife’s pair of Betabrand Yoga Pants. I rest my case.

Gimme Some Pockets

Sorry, ladies, no pockets here. They’re sewn shut.

Best Fashionable Travel Pants: Anatomie Skyler Pants ($225)


Alex from Travel Fashion Girl named these pants as her favorite travel pants. “These pants totally rocked the comfort factor when I wore them on a plane and on long train rides in Europe. The fabric has an awesome amount of stretch which allows breathability and gives you plenty of room to move around with ease.


One reviewer said: “Traveling around Europe for a year, these are the best pants ever.” In fact, I couldn’t find one review that complained about their quality.

Good-Looking Bum

“Sexy and comfy. Hard to find both in the same pant,”said one reviewer. Alex seconds that opinion:

“These women’s travel pants have a slim, classic cut making them a basic you can wear anywhere. They have a high-quality, chic design so you can wear them for business and look professional, wear them in a European city without looking like a tourist, and even wear them in a village without having a sloppy appearance.”


Wash in the sink and these travel pants are dry within hours.

Lightweight. Compact. Dress up or down. Fabric stays wrinkle-free. These travel pants check all the boxes on must-have’s for good travel pants.

Alex says, “These have ultra-thin fabric and take up a quarter of the space. It’s not sheer, though, and hides dimply skin imperfections that some light fabrics don’t hide. They fit easily into a slim packing cube and hardly weigh anything at all.”

Gimme Some Pockets

Two back pockets on these streamlined travel pants.

Best Tough Travel Pants: Tru Spec Tactical Pants ($49)


These pants have a comfort fit slider waistband, so no need for elastic digging into your hips. Made for police women and ladies who need to move and be comfortable at their jobs, these pants let you move. And be free. And be comfortable doing it. Making them perfect for round-the-world trips where stuff comes at you from any angle and you need to be able to tackle it.



Double reinforced knees with built-in knee pad pockets keep holes at bay for years. These pants are made from cotton rip-stop and Teflon — two of the US military’s favorite durable fabrics — so you’ll be hard-pressed to rip these babies.

Good-Looking Bum

Two rear flapped pockets give your backside some oomph and curve. Think of GI Jane in camo, and you’ve got the right mental image of what your bum could look like in these pants.

Gimme Some Pockets

If you’re a pocket fanatic, these pants are your nirvana.You get two extra deep front pockets (aka man-sized pockets to hold all your MVP items), expandable back pockets, two cargo pockets with hook and loop closures, and side gussets designed to hold gun magazines, but these pockets are perfect for smaller items that tend to wander off.

Honorable Mention: Bluffworks Travel Khakis ($125)

You caught me. These aren’t women’s travel pants. These are travel pants made for men, but that doesn’t mean the boys should get all the fun. While I was hunting for a women’s version of these pants, I stumbled across one review: “They can work for leaner women too– I’m 5’7?, 135, and a tailored chino in 30×32 fit perfectly. Only one request to achieve perfection: produce in NAVY!” Boom. If you want awesome travel pants that have my fellow author Shawn drooling over them — “Comfy, durable, stylish, and packed with features,” — and you’re on the lean side, ladies, this could be your pair.

Other Women’s Travel Pants We Love

When we were updating this post we asked the ladies of Tortuga what their favorite travel pants are and which pairs most often make it into their travel backpacks. Here’s what they said:

DUER Jeans ($119)

Jessie, one of our writers says, “DUER’s jeans are super comfy.”

Read more about the best jeans for travel.

ADAY Leggings

Jessie says, “ADAY is amazing for leggings that you can wear as pants and wrinkle-resistant pants/jumpsuits.”

Angela says, “I second ADAY leggings. I have the Throw it Higher leggings and you can legit fit necessities like your phone, wallet, or passport in the side pocket.”


Angela says, “They have the perfect amount of stretch but enough structure so they don’t become saggy over time.”

Taylor adds, “SAME. My bell bottoms that everyone makes fun of are FRAME and they’re the best jeans I’ve ever owned ever

But FRAME’s sizing is super inconsistent; not a dealbreaker just a thing to know when you order from them. I always have to get a 25, 26, 27, and 28 to try on because I never know which one is going to work (I’m almost always a 26 in other brands).”

Everlane Authentic Stretch

Taylor says, “I also really like Everlane Authentic Stretch. It’s stretchy-comfy but not legging level stretchy.

The fabric feels like it still has structure and they don’t have the annoying saggy-after-two-wears problem that a lot of stretch denim does”


Travel pants need to be comfortable, packable, and tough, so you can travel without worrying if holes will show up. Also, a good pair of travel pants has useable pockets to stash your MVP items close to your body.

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