Buying a Travel Backpack

After your flight and accommodations, your luggage is the biggest investment you’ll make for your trip.

When we went to Eastern Europe in 2009, Jeremy tried to save money by buying a used JanSport backpack on Craigslist. He quickly learned his lesson when the shoulder strap broke on the first day of our trip. He was left dragging his bag around Europe for the next two weeks.

For similar reasons, we can’t recommend wheeled suitcases. While they can be great for a business trip, they are not designed for the rigors of urban and adventure travel. Here’s why.

I had a different problem with the GoLite bag I bought for the trip. The quality was great. Unfortunately, it was not designed for traveling. It was a hiking bag.

Thinking I had made a rookie mistake, I asked my well-traveled friends and did more research. Everyone’s bags (and most of the bags on the market) were designed the same way. They all had the same flaws.

We found a problem. Unfortunately, a solution didn’t exist. So we made it.

The Outbreaker Travel Backpack was designed to be the ultimate travel backpack. Made for travelersby travelers.

When buying a backpack, you need one that’s front-loading, like a suitcase, and carry-on-sized.