Carry On Packing: The Free Skillshare Class

Shawn Forno

Carry on packing is a freakin’ skill.

And it’s taken me over ten years to get good at it. Luckily, you don’t have to waste a decade of expensive, painful, trial and error to become a carry on packing pro. Just enroll in our FREE Skillshare class:

Carry On Travel: 7 Days, 1 Bag


Skillshare Carry On Packing

Do You Pack Too Much?

Anyone who’s traveled for a few years knows that you don’t just wake up one day and travel the world like a ninja. Everyone packs too much their first few trips. It’s totally cool.

The travel learning curve is steep, and the road to packing glory is littered with awful decisions (I’m looking at you 6-pound headlamp, circa 1997).

carry on packing

Avoid Rookie Mistakes

We all have travel war stories from our “rookie year” — tales of behemoth 80L top-loading backpacks, €60 luggage ripoff fees, sore shoulders, frayed tempers, stupid, stupid, hiking boots, lost items, and luggage that you’d rather throw in a river than carry another step. It’s part of what makes you a “real” traveler.

But, thanks to the internet, and awesome peer-to-peer teaching communities like Skillshare, you can shorten that learning curve in time for your next week-long vacation. It’s crazy how much great information is out there, and I’m thrilled to contribute some of my hard-won carry on travel knowledge in this, short, 6-video class.

The Carry On Packing Class

The videos cover:

  1. Why carry on is awesome
  2. TSA and the 3-1-1 rule
  3. What, exactly, is carry on packing: Carry on bag size, volume, and weight limits
  4. Packing electronics: Laptops, cameras, and audio OH MY!
  5. Carry on packing tips & tricks: What packing actually looks like
  6. Creating your own customized carry on packing checklist

10 years ago, I wish someone had shown me how to pack. Enroll now to benefit from my mistakes!

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Don’t waste another second of your time paying to check a bag. Become a carry on packing pro in just a few short minutes.

Carry On Packing Skillshare Class

I’m excited to see you all in class. Post photos of your packed bag, your packing list, and any hacks that you swear by. You can also tweet any questions or comments about the class to me directly @leftyscissor.

Carry on packing

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