Details on the Women’s Setout Backpack

Taylor Coil

TL;DR: The Women’s Setout Backpack 35L will launch July 2019 at $179. It’s the same bag as the Men’s Setout Backpack 35L, but with a suspension system designed specifically for women.

I’m somewhat notorious for telling Patrick, our product designer, that our newest product is my favorite thing he’s ever made. In my defense, I mean it every time — I genuinely believe our designs keep getting better.

The Women’s Setout Backpack is the latest product to earn my only-kind-of-hyperbolic-thank-you-very-much accolade. The day I received my product sample of the Women’s Setout Backpack, I happened to be leaving for a week-long trip. As I slung the freshly-packed bag over my shoulders, adjusted the straps, and clicked the hip bit, I felt a moment of acute appreciation. Oh. This is what it feels like to wear a travel backpack that fits perfectly instead of one that fits pretty well

I always travel with a Tortuga travel backpack — of course I do — but I hadn’t realized until now that none of them fit me perfectly. The Outbreaker Backpack‘s shoulder straps feel like an absolute dream, but I can’t get the hip belt tight enough to transfer enough weight to my lower half. My bag of choice is usually the Setout Divide, which tightens tighter around my hips, but the shoulder straps aren’t quite right on my narrower frame. I’ve also found myself wishing, on occasion, that the foam in the Divide’s shoulder straps was a bit cushier.

All of those minor complaints are addressed in the Women’s Setout Backpack. The shoulder straps are made from cushier foam than the straps in other Setout bags, the hip belt tightens tight enough to transfer the load, and the curvature fits my shoulders perfectly.

Best of all, it doesn’t just fit ME, a 5’5 size 4 woman — during a round of product testing, I watched women from 5’0 to 5’11 adjust the shoulder straps to a height that works perfectly, and women from size 0 to size 16 tighten the hip belt to a comfortable, weight-bearing level. 

I’ll stop gushing now — clearly I am personally (as well as professionally) excited about this bag, but I’ll get to the meat of what I know you’re after: the details. 

Specs and Materials

  • Dimensions: 21.5” x 13.5” x 7.5”
  • Volume: 35L
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Laptop: 17” Macbook
  • Tablet: 9.7”
  • Fit: 15.5″ – 18″ torsos
  • Outer material: 900D polyester from recycled plastic bottles
  • Padding: Closed-cell EVA and open-cell PU foam
  • Zippers: Lockable YKK zippers


  • Carry on sized
  • Front loading
  • Suspension system fit for narrower, shorter torsos
  • Padded, removable hip belt
  • Laptop and tablet sleeves
  • Hideaway shoulder straps
  • Weather resistant
  • Organization pockets
  • Load lifters
  • Lockable zippers
  • Lie-flat water bottle pocket

The Women’s Setout Backpack 35L will launch July 2019 at $179. If you want to be among the first to know when it’s here, sign up for the wait list below.

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