Introducing the Homebase Collection: Luggage for Digital Nomads

Taylor Coil

Travel isn’t a vacation; it’s your life.

TL;DR The Homebase backpack and duffle case, designed for the way that digital nomads travel, are now available for purchase.

Traveling as a digital nomad is entirely different than traveling for a vacation, and therefore luggage for digital nomads should be designed differently than luggage for a vacation.

Through interviews and user testing over the past year, we got past the cliches to learn how nomads really travel and what they need from their luggage. Contrary to what you see online, not all nomads travel with a tiny bag and a single change of clothes.

Experienced nomads travel slowly. They return to the same places each year until they have a few “home bases” scattered around the world. They live like locals wherever they go.

The Homebase collection is a luggage system for the way digital nomads travel. You’ll be able to carry the essentials for travel and work (as well as the extra contents of your life) with ease, comfort, and agility.

What’s in the Collection?

Homebase includes a backpack and duffle case. Both bags are included in the Nomad Bundle for use as a system.

You can explore each product on the website through the links above. Below are a few things that we’re really excited about:

  1. Lightweight: Both bags are made of Liteskin, a new, ultralight waterproof sailcloth. The 32L backpack weights 2.3 lbs, and the 45L duffle case weighs under 2 lbs.
  2. Travel/Work: The Homebase backpack transitions seamlessly from work to travel, no extra daypack required.
  3. Modern Trunk: The Homebase duffle case is our take on a modern trunk. The backpack is your “go bag” of essentials. The duffle case is the storage unit that you move between home bases.

Explore the collection to learn more about how we designed the backpack and duffle case to be ideal for the way digital nomads travel. We proudly blend travel and work on the road with the Homebase collection in tow and hope you will, too.


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