A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Mexico City

Jessie Beck

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Benito Juarez International Airport is 45-60 minutes from downtown Mexico City, depending on traffic.


Uber is available in Mexico City but not at the airport

It’s a good option for getting to & from the city’s two main bus stations, TAPO and Terminal Central de Autobuses del Norte, and getting around town

Yaxi Taxi is a local alternative


The metro is fast & efficient  

Located just a few minutes walk from Terminal 1 (if you’re in Terminal 2, take the airport bus over)

Costs: 5 Pesos ($0.50 USD) one way plus reusable smartcard for 10 Pesos ($1 USD)

Runs: 5a.m. – midnight M-F, 6a.m. – midnight on Saturdays, 7a.m. – midnight on Sundays

Beware of pickpockets during rush hour


Long distance buses: Terminal 1: Upper & ground floor, Terminal 2: Ground floor

City buses: Linea 4: Terminal 1: Entrance 7, Terminal 2: Entrance 2

City bus costs: $30 Pesos

Runs: M-Sat: 4:30 a.m.-midnight; Sun & holidays: 5:00 a.m.-midnight



Use an official taxi booked at the kiosk inside the airport

Take slip of paper to attendant outside to get the cab

Costs: 200-300 Pesos ($11-16 USD) from the airport, or 100-200 ($5-11 USD) from either bus station.


Get Online

Cell Phone

T-mobile International plan works in Mexico City for unlimited texts and data

T-mobile phone calls cost $0.20 per minute 

AT&TTelcelMovistar & Virgin Mobile offer inexpensive local cell phone plans

Telcel offers the best coverage


Wifi at Mexico Airport is only free for Telemex users

Others can get free access for 15 minutes after signing up for an account

Wifi is widely available in hotels, restaurants & cafes


Buy a SIM card at the airport terminal (first floor of Terminal 1) or at an Oxxo convenience store

AT&T UnidosTelcel, & Movistar are the three providers in Mexico

Telcel offers the best coverage

More information on data plans


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