A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Prague, Czech Republic

Stacey Ebert

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The airport is less than ten miles from Prague city center. Transport time is approximately 30 minutes by car or public transportation.


Buy tickets at info booth in airport or from driver.

Metro Bus 119: Drops off at Metro line A

Metro Bus 100: Drops off at Metro line B

Costs: 32 CZK

Airport Express Bus 510: Drops off at central train station, Metro C

Costs: 60 CZK

Night Bus: Connect to night tram 51


Uber works in Prague 

Costs: 300-550 CZK (airport to downtown)

While finding a taxi in Prague can be a challenge Uber is easy and recommended as the best way to get around.


AAA Radiotaxitel. 14 0 14 or 222 333 222

City Taxi (no stand at airport): tel. 257 257 257

Costs: 500-600 CZK

Taxis are a better option if you have a lot of luggage as buses charge for larger luggage.

Airport Shuttle

Most hotels near the airport and a few of the nicer ones downtown will offer airport pick-up. 

Call ahead and reserve. Expect to pay a fee if you’re not very near the airport

Get Online

Cell Phone

T-Mobile One does work in the Czech Republic

If you want to get a local SIM:

Vodafone: Is the largest network

O2 Telefonica: Best local network


Wifi is readily available in many cafes, public spaces and community gathering hubs

Get a list of places with free wifi in Prague



Vodafone is your best bet for a tetherable SIM card option or to rent a hot spot

HipPocket wifi rental works in the Czech Republic

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