The Best Travel Gear for Your Next Big Trip

By Nick Hilden
Loading up on the best travel gear.

For those afflicted with wanderlust, there’s nothing quite like getting a great piece of travel gear. Whether it’s something small that makes your journey more convenient in some tiny way, or an awesome travel bag to shoulder through the miles,

The right piece of gear can radically improve your travel experience.

If you are looking for gear for your next trip or the perfect gift for a friend check out this list of our favorite gear to bring on your next adventure.

Travel Gear By Traveler

Not every traveler is the same, which means they have different needs for gear. Check out some of your favorite gear for men, women, and business travelers.




Bags For Travel

I’m a firm believer in one bag travel which allows you to go carry-on-only, eliminating the stress, hassle, and expense of checking a bag.

The most, most important piece of gear is the one that will carry everything else: your travel backpack.

Check out our recommendations for travel bags to join you on your next adventure.

Carry on Luggage

Personal Item Bags for Flying

Travel Backpacks

Additional Bags for Travel

Travel Gear

Beyond these specific travel products, we’ve got plenty of information about travel gear for different categories and tips on traveling with it. Check out the links below and learn how to upgrade your travel gear game.

Travel Electronics

Technology has become a travel essential. You don’t want to be caught on a 10-hour flight without your headphones and tablet to help you enjoyably pass the time if you can’t get to sleep.

Toiletries & Health

Bringing the comforts of your daily routines can make any place feel like home. Here are our favorite gear to help you bring the best parts of home to wherever you go on your adventures.

Travel Services

These additional services can help you to have an enjoyable trip.

Bring everything you need without checking a bag.

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