A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Zagreb, Croatia

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Franjo Tu?man Airport (commonly referred to as Pleso Airport) is 35-40 minutes away from the city.


Uber works in Zagreb

Pick up is available at the airport

Costs: 90-120 KN


Trams are efficient and cheap

Tram does not go to the airport, but to the bus station which connects to the airport

Costs: 10 HRK, or 4 HRK for an half-hour ride


Public buses are the best way to go:

Located outside arrivals, to the main bus station (close to downtown) takes 30 mins

Runs 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Costs: one way: 30 HRK; return: 4o HRK – cash only



There are several taxi companies in Zagreb

Least expensiveEkoTaxi

You can use the app to book a ride (EkoTaxi offers a discount on the first ride booked via app)

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Cell Phone

T-Mobile’s International plan works in Croatia

Major cell carriers: T-Hrvatski TelekomVipTele2, Tomato

Tomato offers the lowest prepaid rates

Vip has the best LTE coverage 


The Airport has free wifi

Free public wifi (Grad Zagreb) around the city (no need of apps or registration), but the signal is weak outside the downtown

Most shops & bars offer free wifi


Get a SIM card from one of the many kiosks (Tisak) on the street – cash only

T-Hrvatski has the best data network

Remember that the EU ended roaming surcharges for all people who travel within the EU

Since 15 June 2017, people pay only domestic charges

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