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Over the summer, my co-worker/friend Anna and I spent five days in Boston attending a conference. Boarding our flight from San Francisco early Monday morning, I was impressed by how lightly she had packed for the conference. That is… until we got to the hotel room, unpacked, and I realized how much makeup and toiletries she had brought. A full bag for each, in fact.

“I could totally reduce that,” I thought. And so, last week, I did.

Anna and I grabbed a couple of beers, a camera, and figured out how she could pack toiletries and makeup better. Read on to see how we made over her toiletry and makeup bags, and learn a few tips for packing your toiletry bag better, and making it lighter.

Anna’s Travel Style

When it comes to packing, I find that toiletries are the most personal aspect of the packing list. Although some people may get away with just a toothbrush and a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s, others wouldn’t dare to leave home without toner, face cream, and a whole onslaught of products.

Anna falls somewhere in the middle. She describes herself as being “a total mom” in her packing since she wants to be prepared for every situation (around the office, she’s our go-to person for a post-coffee-spill Tide stick), but she also tries to only bring the basics in terms of toiletries and makeup.

Furthermore, she keeps a ready to go toiletry bag in her house at all times. “I always bring the same toiletries when I travel. I keep the bag packed and just throw it in my bag. The makeup I’ll change up per trip,” Anna said.  “I always try to keep it organized and make a note of things that I run out of on my phone, so I can pick up a new one next time I’m at the store.” Click to continue…

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Teleport is a company that makes tools and software for remote workers and remote teams. Not only that, they also help people become location independent and live wherever they want in the world. In this episode, Jeremy interviews Silver Keskküla, co-founder of Teleport. Learn about true location independence from a man who has lived and worked all over the globe (and has worked for companies like Nokia and Skype!).

In This Episode

  • 01:40 Meet Silver
  • 04:06 The inspiration for Teleport’s vision and values
  • 08:35 Silver’s global travel background
  • 15:32 The inspiration for Teleport
  • 18:15 Who Teleport helps
  • 22:11 Future plans for Teleport
  • 24:42 Silver’s travel style
  • 28:34 Travel/remote work tips
  • 33:26 Word to the Wise

People On This Episode

Links from This Episode

  • – Find out how to live and work where you want to
  • Outlier – Fred and Jeremy’s favorite travel clothes

Word to the Wise

  • Jeremy: For holiday gifts, consider gift cards (like Amazon or Apple), cash, or donating to charities on someone’s behalf instead of buying something that the recipient may not want or need.
  • Silver: Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman – This Nobel Prize winner cracks open the human mind in this fascinating book and really helps to explain the way we think, behave, and make decisions.

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I opened my bag to find a chaotic mess of t-shirts snuggling with jeans and single socks floating happily by. Sighing, I pawed through half-rolled shirts and cardigans to find the black t-shirt I was looking for.

Welcome to day 10 of my trip. This is what my bag usually looks like at this point in any trip.

No organization has ever come from the chaos that my bag neatly zips away from the prying eyes of the world. Not ever… even though I’m still waiting for that to spontaneously happen.

In the meantime, I’ve come up with some killer organizational methods to bring order to my world.

To avoid a meltdown every time you open your bag, here are my best carry on organization tips.

General Bag Organization

Gallon or Quart Freezer Bags

See-through and durable, these baggies are a great size to wrangle similar items together. I use baggies as stand-in packing cubes for tights and leggings. Each baggie is marked in Sharpie with its contents. You could use a baggie for used Moleskin journals, extra batteries, dirty laundry, or makeup. And you can squeeze the extra air out for a makeshift vacuumed bag.

Nalgene Leak-Proof Jars

I use these 1 oz. leak-proof jars to decant lotion or sunscreen to comply with the 3-1-1 carry on rule. The uses for these hardy, see-through, bad boys are endless. You could use them for medication, extra liquids, extra rings, your earrings or anything small that gets lost easily. Click to continue…