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This week we are pleased to present a guest post by Powell Berger a freelance writer based in Honolulu. Powell traversed the continents world schooling her three children and is an expert in packing light. Her website,, showcases her writing.

Every summer, I return home from Paris with this magic laundry stain remover all-in-one thing. I don’t know exactly what’s in it, or even the correct way to get the best results since I don’t speak or read French. But I first discovered this magic wand in a rental apartment five years ago when red wine threatened to ruin my favorite pants. I slathered this stuff on my pants, and voila! Problem solved.

Now it’s my mission to bring one home every summer. I treasure it, saving it for only the worst stains, making sure I have enough for the year before I return again next summer to get its replacement.

The same is true of my Nivea deodorant. I know deodorant is a pretty utilitarian thing, but I found this little gem in Iceland, at the airport I think, and I now make sure to smuggle two or three little glass bottles home with me every summer.

The Packing Light Club

IMG_1876That’s the thing about being a devotee to the packing light club. When I’m looking at three months of travel and one carry-on bag, every item goes through a serious vetting process before making the cut and making the trip. That means things like toiletries, jewelry, first aid supplies, and other “necessities” get added along the way. Nothing makes you go local faster than needing something and having to find it on the fly.

It’s a hard transition for some, trading in the plus size bags for a single carry-on, but once the leap is made, most folks don’t look back. For most of us, it doesn’t take long to realize that packing light isn’t just about weight and convenience, although those are pretty compelling results. Packing light is a travel philosophy, an e-ticket passport into adventure, culture, and community, whether that’s in Chicago or Katmandu. Click to continue…

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Every week we ask listeners to send us an email regarding their podcast feedback or any questions they may have about travel or entrepreneurship. Today, Fred and Jeremy open up the mailbag and read a handful of emails on the air. So if you have a question about Tortuga, about travel, or any ol’ thing (don’t be afraid to get personal), drop us a line and your question/comment could be read live!

In This Episode

  • 03:19 Survey results – send us some specific topics by email
  • 04:51 Letter 1: Language prep before traveling
  • 10:24 Letter 2: Mileage runs
  • 13:37 Letter 3: Being asked to gate check bags on smaller flights
  • 17:09 Letter 4: San Sebastian
  • 21:15 Letter 5: Checking bags becoming the norm for lost revenue
  • 24:10 Letter 6: How do you handle reimbursement for company retreats?
  • 29:45 Letter 7: Help me convert my family to carry on travel!
  • 35:46 Word to the Wise

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There are two types of readers in this world. The “old-fashioned”  romantics who live for the smell of stacks and crave the turn of a physical page to see a story unfold. In the opposite camp, the praticals. These readers want an entire library simply a click away. Switching books smoothly and a lighter alternative to a hardback is the obvious option.

Both get the job done, but while on the road what do you pick: Traditional books or an E-reader?

It’s time for a friendly faceoff. I polled the Team Tortuga Writers to see what people prefer and why. Our group had members of both sides and for full-disclosure, I read cold, hard books. Like the ones you get at the library, not the ones on your iPad. For the sake of science, let’s pro and con this out so you can do what’s best for your style. Click to continue…