Packing Tips from the Pros

How to Bring Everything Without Checking a Bag

Travel can be a transformative experience… and a huge hassle.

From packing to getting through airport security to navigating a country where you don’t speak the language, exploring the world isn’t easy.

For most people, the problems start before they even leave the house. The first point of anxiety is often packing.

What should you bring? What should you pack it in?

Start by choosing the best bag for urban travel, in the size that is right for you. The Outbreaker collection of travel backpacks maximize the allowable carry on space on most major airlines, feature adjustable harness systems that are customizable for torsos of almost any size, and are exceptionally well designed and organized for a supreme packing experience. Add the packing cubes to perfect the combination.

Below are a handpicked selection of articles by our team of travel veterans and our favorite travel experts.

These articles will help you figure out what and how to pack for any kind of trip, from a long weekend roadtrip to a year-long, round-the-world journey.

You’ll find helpful advice to match your style of travel, packing, and dressing.

How to Pack Carry On Only

Start with our three-part series on packing light. First, learn the hard and fast rules for what you can and can’t carry on your next flight.

Next, learn the principles that will help you pare down your load to just the essentials.

Finally, we reveal our carry on packing list. You’ll find recommendations for our favorite products and a downloadable, printable checklist to use for your next trip.

Light Packing Tips

Don’t just take our advice. Check out these light packing tips from 31 of the world’s most prolific travelers.

For a woman’s perspective, we asked Brooke Schoenman, founder of Her Packing List, to offer her advice on how women can pack light. This article was one of our first posts and remains one of the most popular on the entire site.

For over-packers, here are 11 simple tips that you can put into action today and 9 things you never have to pack again.

For business travelers of those heading to a special occasion, no need to check a bag just because you’re traveling with dress clothes

RTW Packing Tips

Packing light for long trips is tough. Read this article for a round-the-world (RTW) packing list and strategy to fit 4 seasons of clothes into a single, carry on bag.

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