Air Travel Tips to Know Before Your Fly 

By Benjamin Beck
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Which Airport to Fly Into by Destination

The most popular destinations in the world usually have more than one airport to choose from. Check out our guides to help you find the best airports to fly into for your next trip to these top cities.

Air Travel Tips

Have you ever sat in an airport watching other travelers walk by? You’ll notice some people make air travel look easy while the majority are rushing through the airport looking stressed. Here are the tips and tricks we’ve learned that make flying a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

Airport Tips

Airplane Food

Backpacks by Traveler Type

The right luggage for you depends on who you are and how you travel. Here are a few luggage guides for common types of travelers.

Luggage Tips for Air Travel 

Having the right type of luggage for your travels can make packing, boarding planes, and heading off on your next adventure easier and less stressful. The best way to travel is with carry-on-only backpacks. Check out all our resources to help you make the transition to carry-on-only travel. 

How to Transition From Checked to Carry On Only

  1. Go From Two Checked Bags to Only One
  2. Check a Smaller Bag and Use a Carry On Backpack
  3. Use a Carry On Backpack and Personal Item 

Carry On Travel Backpacks 

Personal Item Luggage

Bring everything you need without checking a bag.

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