A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Lima, Peru

Shannon Whitney

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The airport in Lima is located conveniently in the city, but traffic is a terrible, even late at night. Plan on anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half to get to another neighborhood within Lima. 

The metro does not service the airport.


Uber works in Lima

Costs: 100-140 PEN


Use a licensed taxi from the Lima airport

Taxi Directo is a good option located inside the airport at both domestic and international terminals

Costs: 50-60 S


Buses are crowded unsuitable for luggage

Routing is not well mapped 

Public buses are not recommended from the airport unless your Spanish is good and you know where you’re going



Many hotels offer a free airport shuttle service

Airport Express Lima is the official airport bus service 

Costs: $8 USD


Get Online

Cell Phone

Sprint and Verizon allow free texts in Peru

T-Mobile’s international plan has pretty good coverage in Lima, some of the rural areas of Peru will have less signal

Claro & Movistar are the best cell phone plans for Peru


The Lima airport will give you 30 minutes of free WiFi before asking for credit card info

Wifi is common in restaurants, hotels & cafes


Movistar provides the best coverage and options

Claro is second best

Outside of Lima check the coverage maps

Do not buy a SIM on the black market

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