Tortuga Backpacks Video Reviews: A Cheatsheet

Laura Lopuch

Ok, confession:

I research the heck out of anything before I click “buy.” Reviews, videos, customer feedback — the gang’s all there.

Sound familiar? Well, I’ve got great news for you. I compiled some straight-talkin’ video reviews of Tortuga’s backpacks with time stamps at the important, can’t-miss parts. 

So you can still catch an episode of Ozark season 2 on Netflix. (You’re welcome.)

Tortuga Outbreaker

“Super Organized”

Lurkaround covered the Outbreaker in this short, sweet review.

Check out:

  • 1:00 — How sturdy it is
  • 2:32 — What the fabric feels like and whether it’s stretchy or not
  • 2:42 — A detailed look at the backpack’s interior and how he uses the inner organization
  • 4:20 — “Super organized and really water resistant”

“Has the Most Padding in the Straps”

Trying to decide between the Aer, MInaal, Goruck or Tortuga Outbreaker? Traveling Salseros has traveled with ‘em all and breaks down his thoughts in this detailed video.

Check out:  

  • 5:53 — “My favorite of the bags is the Outbreaker. It’s designed to be an awesome one-bag travel solution. Tortuga did a really great job of including a waist strap and a really functional bag right off the bat. I just really love all the different products I’ve used from them.”
  • 15:12 — “I really like with the Tortuga Backpack how it lays down flat. It’s technically a TSA-approved laptop compartment. The compartment itself has a soft, fleece-lined. You can easily fit a 17” laptop. And it’s implemented really well.”
  • 23:50 — “Outbreaker is a little more expensive. Has more features to justify that price: has waist strap. “Has the most padding” in straps. Really great value compared to Minaal and Aer.”

Tortuga Setout Divide

“Absolutely in Love With it”

Got a lot of questions you need answered on the Setout Divide? Definitely watch this honest, detailed video done by Traveling Salseros.

Here are the highlights:

  • 1:03 — Fan of minimal look/style
  • 1:20 — High quality zippers
  • 1:55 — What he was surprised to see about the zippers and the weather resistance
  • 2:35 — Versatile bag
  • 3:15 — Looks slim when at capacity
  • 4:07 — “This is kinda the dream bag in the sense that I can get to my destination” or walk into a business meeting and not feel out of place
  • 7:44, 25:40, 26:58  — Comfortable straps with no fatigue while wearing
  • 8:40 — Love extra padding
  • 10:00, 26:24 — Waist straps are useful and comfortable super impressed
  • 29:03 — Best day/travel bag for most people

Tortuga Setout

“This Sucker is Comfortable!”

Strap in for a super entertaining review of the Setout travel backpack by Chase Reeves.

He’s honest. He’s funny. He says what he’s thinking.

Check out the highlights:

  • 1:14 — “Spend $200 on a bag and you can fit everything in it! It’s not Wal-Mart or Costco.”
  • 2:56 — Lightweight: “the bag itself won’t contribute much to the weight and I love that! I’m not hiking Kilimanjaro, I’m going to Lisbon and I need to carry it through the airport. This sucker is comfortable to carry and it’s the first thing you’re gonna notice.”
  • 6:55, 8:06 — Functional and amazing: “Tons of organization and its excellent accessibility.”
  • 10:10, 11:48 — Tons of space
  • 2:08, 12:22 — Super comfortable strap system. “Super cushy, bro.”

“It’s Too Big”

Ok, you wanted some honesty? Our bags aren’t right for everybody. Here we go with Us Against The World’s real-world, “I wanna like this bag” review.

The highlights:

  • 3:40 — “I wanted to like this bag. It’s too much without enough structure.”
  • 3:20 — Shoulder straps too tight
  • 4:30 — Waist straps have pockets which is plus vs the REI Ruckpack 40
  • 5:20 — On paper, it’s 5L larger than the REI Ruckpack and in practice, it’s considerably larger
  • 5:50 — Too much space with too little structure

“Perfect Size For City Destination”

Y Travel Blog takes the Setout for a weekend trip. She usually doesn’t travel with carry on only. In this 6-minute video narrated by Australian, Caz Makepeace, you’ll get a full review inside and out:

  • 1:29 — Lots of room!
  • 2:34 — Love it
  • 3:30 —  “Put your laptop in the back. I love it. It’s sturdy. It’s comfortable”
  • 3:46 — Double thumbs up on this backpack

“Blends In Well With Urban Environment”

Want to know REALLY how the Setout operates in the real world? Watch this video. They’re detail-oriented which matters in a bag. They’re comparing this Setout vs the Outbreaker and Homebase.

Check out:

  • 2:20 — With the bulk, the features on this thing are decently sleek and refined. Blend in well with urban environment.
  • 3:22 — “Expertly placed compression straps” that don’t block the zippers.
  • 3:28 — Stress point near zipper at compression strap. Good that zippers are tough.
  • 11:08 — Why you should use the Setout daypack with the Setout travel backpack
  • 11:30 — Good for people used to traveling with suitcases
  • 13:01 — Assume it’s going to last for years to come
  • 13:10 — Smart thinking in the design
  • 13:40 — Great option for maximum legal-sized carry on. Just right for average traveler.


“I Love The Way This Bag Feels When It’s On”

Chase Reeves back again with a suuuuper entertaining review on the Homebase. Including a water test to see how truly water resistant this backpack is.

Here is the highlights reel:

  • 5:26 — “They used the kind of foam used in shoes. It’s THICK and has holes in it for breathability. Your back has channels of great support… The straps are DOPE. They are really really comfortable. I love the way this bag feels when it’s on… It’s really striking. This bag can actually be packed out with a TON of crap.”
  • 7:25 — Super water resistant fabric – sailcloth.
  • 8:30 — “One thing that’s crazy is the water just slicks right off there. Oh my gosh, it’s like no water got in. I don’t think any water got in. Wow. No water got in that sucker.”
  • 18:57 — “I want a bag that is decent, like this. This is killer for one-bag travel, but daily carry? Leaves a little to be desired. It’s floppy and bigger.”


Reviewers let it all hang out… in their reviews of Tortuga’s backpacks:

  • Setout Divide: “Absolutely in love with it.”
  • Setout: “Just right for average traveler.”
  • Homebase: “I love the way this bag feels when it’s on.”
  • Outbreaker: Compared to Minaal, Aer, and Goruck

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